Media Ranch's "Stung Bitten Burned" to be produced in Belgium and The Netherlands

The popular animal-based format has been picked up for production by Ketnet in Belgium and BNNVARA in The Netherlands.


"Stung Bitten Burned"


Sophie Ferron, President and Founder of award-winning format production and distribution company Media Ranch, announced that "Stung Bitten Burned" – their popular animal-based Format has now also been picked up for production in Belgium. The show was created by Danish production company Made by Us, for DR (Danish Broadcasting Corp).

"Stung Bitten Burned" premiered on September 1st on Ketnet in Belgium, with 20 episodes, locally titled as "Schijtluizen."  A new season of the program, locally titled as "Steken Prikken", is also confirmed for The Netherlands where BNNVARA is producing 10 new episodes to air on NPO3/Zapp next Spring.

Ferron stated: “Media Ranch is excited about the return of 'Stung Bitten Burned' for another season in The Netherlands on BNNVARA and the launch of the program on Ketnet in Belgium, thanks to Tanja van der Goes, our European head of sales.”

Griet Langbeen, Content Manager of  Ketnet Belgium said, “When we saw the original show, we instantly knew we had to do our own Ketnet-adaptation. Children in Belgium love watching shows that are informative and engaging, and at the same time a bit crazy. This show fits that bill spectacularly.”                                   

Maaike den Hoed, Manager of Licensing & Acquisitions  of The Netherlands’ BNNVARA added, “Our young audience is always up for an adventure and 'Stung Bitten Burned' delivers just that. It’s a unique format that not only educates our youngsters about the dangers in nature, but also offers them excitement and pure entertainment.”