Movistar Plus+ and Arte France to coproduce "The New Years" original series

The show is an original series by Movistar Plus+ in collaboration with Caballo Films and coproduced by ARTE France, which Movistar Plus+ International will distribute internationally.

21 MAR 2024

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The European cultural channel Arte France has joined the production of "The New Years," an agreement that guarantees the premiere of the original series Movistar Plus+, where the channel operates. The show has just finished filming after traveling to various locations in the Community of Madrid (Spain), Castilla-La Mancha (Spain), Lyon (France), and Berlin (Germany). "The New Years" will be internationally distributed by Movistar Plus+ International.

Domingo Corral, Director of Fiction and Entertainment at Movistar Plus+, said: "We are thrilled to have ARTE France again on board with us. Their vision about content and their huge experience in producing distinguishing and touching stories will add great value to 'The New Years'."

Alexandre Piel, Deputy Head of Drama at Arte France, added: "We're delighted and honored to coproduce 'The New Years' with Movistar Plus+. First, it's a true pleasure to renew our production commitment with our friends from Movistar Plus+ after the two great seasons of 'Hierro.' Secondly, working with the unique and talented creator and director Rodrigo Sorogoyen is an honor. His way of depicting the chemistry between a woman and a man from their initial encounter on New Year's Eve is fascinating. Not only that, but he dares to make them travel over the years – 10 years for ten episodes, revolving around the same moment of the year: New Year's Eve".

Nacho Lavilla, Producer at Caballo Films, said: "The co-production with ARTE France is very important for Caballo films. It's a great boost, and it reinforces Rodrigo Sorogoyen's career in Europe. We are truly pleased with the final outcome after the shooting, and we are sure that Movistar Plus+ and ARTE France's partnership will give the series a relevant reach and great international exposure."

This is Movistar Plus+'s third collaboration with Rodrigo Sorogoyen after the successful original series Riot Police' and 'Offworld.' The Madrid-born director is one of the most recognized Spanish filmmakers. His latest film, 'The Beasts,' received multiple awards, including nine Goya Awards (including Best Film, Director, and Original Screenplay) and the César Award from French cinema for Best Foreign Film. Rodrigo Sorogoyen will direct four of the ten 50-minute series episodes, along with Sandra Romero (3 episodes) and David Martín de los Santos (3 episodes). The series has been written by Sara Cano, Paula Fabra, and Sorogoyen himself, along with Marina Rodríguez Colás and Antonio Rojano, who have also participated in writing the script.

The series stars Iria del Río ('El Inmortal', 'El increíble finde menguante', 'Riot Police') and Francesco Carril ('Un amor', 'La reconquista', 'Galgos') who play Ana and Óscar, the main couple. This series marks Sorogoyen's return to the topic of romantic relationships, which has always interested the filmmaker and has been a feature of a large part of his filmography. In 'The New Years,' the journey through ten New Year's Eves portrays a decade in the lives of the protagonists, influenced by their close circle and by current events. Ana and Óscar are 30 years old and are in the midst of fleeing. Óscar strings together temporary contracts as a doctor and is still hooked on his ex. Without a partner or job, Ana feels out of place and plans to move away. But on January 1, 2016, they meet, and fleeing no longer makes sense. Over the next ten years, they will have to confront the passage of time and their decisions.