Movistar Plus+ begins shooting "Muertos S.L." and "The New Year's Eves"

"Muertos SL" is a comedy created and directed by Laura and Alberto Caballero. Shooting for "New Year's Eves" began on 2 October in Madrid and will continue over the next few months in several locations in Madrid, Lyon and Berlin.


Movistar+ has begun shooting its original series, "The New Year's Eves." In addition, Laura and Alberto Caballero have teamed up with the platform's creative team to shoot and direct "Muertos SL."

"Muertos SL" is an original production by Movistar Plus+ in collaboration with Contubernio SL. The series, set to premiere in 2024 on Movistar Plus+, revolves around the daily life of a family-owned funeral home. All international sales related to the original series will be handled by Movistar Plus+ International. "We are very excited about the opportunity to work with Movistar Plus+. It's something we've wanted to do for a long time," Laura and Alberto Caballero said. "We wanted to find a balance between the highest production quality and having fun during filming, and all of this has come together in 'Muertos S.L.' We are very grateful to Movistar Plus+ for their trust and creative freedom." 

The shooting of the series started this October, a new original production by Movistar Plus+ in collaboration with Contubernio S.L., created and directed by Alberto Caballero, Araceli Álvarez de Sotomayor and Daniel Deorador, and directed by Laura Caballero. The shooting is taking place in Madrid and will last for eight weeks. The 30-minute sitcom depicts the day-to-day life of a family-owned funeral home. Carlos Areces leads the cast of "Muertos SL," which includes Ascen López, Salva Reina, Aitziber Garmendia, Adriana Torrebejano, Diego Martín, Gerard B. Fillmore, Amaia Salamanca, Roque Ruiz, Lorea Intxausti, Manolo Cal, Bárbara Santa-Cruz, Lucía Quintana, and Juan Miguel Bataller.  

In "Muertos SL," when Gonzalo Torregrosa, owner and founder of Torregrosa Funeral Home, passes away, Dámaso Carrillo, his right-hand man in the company, doesn't hesitate that the best for the business is taking the reins himself. However, against all odds, Nieves, the septuagenarian widow, decides to take the lead in the family business, with the assistance of her inept yet enthusiastic son-in-law, Chemi, a Marketing expert, and in defiance of her daughters' plans to close the Funeral Home and start a gym. While Dámaso conspires and manipulates his colleagues against the new management, the company will face competition from Transitus Funeral Services and their expansion plans, as well as a #MeToo case that threatens Gonzalo Torregosa's legacy.

"New Year's Eves" started shooting on 2 October in Madrid and will continue over the next few months in several locations in Madrid, Lyon and Berlin. The project serves as the third collaboration between Rodrigo Sorogoyen and Movistar Plus+, following the successful original series 'Riot Police' and 'Offworld'. The original series produced in collaboration with Caballo Films and will be distributed internationally by Movistar Plus+ International.

Rodrigo Sorogoyen will direct four of the ten 50-minute episodes of the series, along with Sandra Romero (3 episodes) and David Martín de los Santos (3 episodes). The series, which will be shot over the next few weeks in Madrid, Lyon (France) and Berlin (Germany), stars Iria del Río ('El Inmortal', 'El increíble finde menguante', 'Riot Police') and Francesco Carril ('Un amor', 'La reconquista', 'Galgos') who play Ana and Óscar, the main couple.

"New Year's Eves" follows the life journey of a couple played by Iria del Río and Francesco Carril over a decade. The story has 10 episodes that revolve around the same time of the year: New Year's Eve. The series marks Sorogoyen's return to the topic of romantic relationships, which has always interested the filmmaker and has been a feature of a large part of his filmography. In 'New Year's Eves', the journey through ten New Year's Eves portrays a decade in the lives of the protagonists, influenced by their close circle and by current events.

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