Movistar Plus+ starts filming "Los Tigres" original film, directed by Alberto Rodríguez

With screenplay by Rafael Cobos and Alberto Rodríguez and starring Antonio de la Torre and Bárbara Lennie, the movie will be released in cinemas in Spain and, later, will be released on Movistar Plus+.

9 MAY 2024

"Los Tigres"

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Movistar Plus+ started shooting began "Los Tigres", the new film by Alberto Rodríguez ("Marshland"), an atmospheric character-driven thriller written by the director himself with Rafael Cobos. This film, starring Antonio de la Torre and Bárbara Lennie, is an original production of Movistar Plus+, in co-production with Kowalski Films, Feelgood Media, Mazagón Films AIE and the French company Le Pacte.

"Los Tigres" will be released in cinemas in Spain with distribution by Buena Vista International and, later, will be released exclusively on Movistar Plus+. International sales will be handled by Film Factory.

Filming began on 6 May and will take place over nine weeks in natural settings in the province of Huelva, Algeciras and on the sets of the Ciudad de la Luz (Alicante). It combines the wild nature of the Atlantic Ocean in southern Spain, close to one of the largest nature reserves in Europe, the Doñana Park, and the unknown world of industrial diving.
Matalascañas and its beaches, Punta Umbría, Mazagón, the Huelva estuary, El Rompido, Saltés Island, Palos de la Frontera, the Aracena reservoir, an oil tanker, a tugboat and its petrochemical refinery, as well as the city of Huelva and its port, will be the backdrops for filming the land scenes and the complex aquatic and underwater scenes. Natural settings that will serve to reflect the contrast between the vastness of nature and an industrial universe, as well as to tell the story of the work and life of these professionals, an interesting mixture of divers, astronauts and plumbers, who carry out their work in the most grandiose of universes, the fascinating ocean.

In the words of Alberto Rodríguez: "’Los Tigres' is a film that talks about the end of the capacities of an almost amphibious man, someone who is coming to understand that his time is over and that he is neither special nor different, but just one more. Someone who suddenly has to transform himself in order to understand others and to be able to survive in the world around him that he doesn't understand, out of the water. In the end, the characters take a journey to a place as hidden and unfathomable as the seabed. A journey to someone as close and unknown as your own sister and her past".

"Los Tigres" is a Movistar Plus+ original film produced by Koldo Zuazua (Kowalski Films), Juan Moreno and Guillermo Sempere (Feelgood Media), Domingo Corral, Fran Araújo, Manuela Ocón and Guillermo Farré (Movistar Plus+), Alberto Rodríguez, Rafael Cobos (executive producers), and Jean Labadie (Le Pacte).