Nippon TV and Rabbit Films to produce new seasons for game show “Silent Library”

Produced by Rabbit Films, 16 new episodes are set to air on Disney’s Star Channel on primetime.

21 FEB 2024

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Having previously announced the first Finnish adaptation of the format with Rabbit Films in 2023, Nippon TV announced that two additional seasons of "Silent Library Suomi" started airing on The Walt Disney Company-owned Star Channel on February 21. Rabbit Films will continue to produce the successful Finnish-language version. The first two seasons aired 36 episodes in 2023; a fourth season is also planned for autumn 2024.

Sayako Aoki, Global Sales and Licensing, Nippon TV, said: "It's fascinating to see how this classic Asian format keeps evolving into timeless, even more hilarious programs with unique games and challenges relevant to each country across Europe. Kudos to the Rabbit Films team for creating another hit show that keeps attracting the Finnish audience."

Olli Suominen, CEO of Rabbit Films LTD, added: "'Silent Library' is a great format to produce: not only do the viewers love the crazy humor, but it's also a favorite of the comedy writers and celebrity guests as well. Rabbit Films is proud and happy to continue with this great format!"

The upcoming seasons will focus on keeping the cast young and fresh with young-skewed sports stars and influencers. Riku Rantala, the multi-talented reporter, author, and host of a popular local documentary program, will continue to navigate the hilarious series that brought much laughter to the Finnish audience.

Since its launch as an international format in 2007, local versions of "Silent Library" have been developed in more than 20 countries worldwide. Most notable is the U.S. version launched on MTV in 2009 and became a global phenomenon; other versions have been produced in the U.K., Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, France, Finland, Germany, and more.

First airing in 2001 on Nippon TV, "Silent Library" has been a primetime, family-oriented television sensation in Japan and is one of Asia's most influential comedy shows. Created by the Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto from the famed duo Downtown and produced by Nippon TV in association with Yoshimoto Kogyo in "Silent Library," contestants must always keep silent no matter what happens. There are six contestants, one librarian, and others who sit randomly at the tables in the library. During the show, one contestant must endure crazy pranks such as tolerating a tarantula on the face or putting their head in a smelly box. However, they must keep silent because the show is in a library.