Odin's Eye Animation sells “The Beachbuds” to Disney Japan and ABC Australia

The animated series will be air on the 5th of April 2022, and it is already on air on ABC Australia.


“The Beachbuds” (credits: J-TOON Productions)


Sydney based Odin's Eye Animation (OEA), has expanded its sales services to the TV scene with “The Beachbuds” and has scored sales to Disney Japan and ABC Australia with other territories in negotiation “The Beachbuds” season 1 is a 52-episode x 11’ children’s animated series set in Zoobak Resort, a tropical island paradise with the funniest feathered friends. Aimed squarely at 6-11’s “The Beachbuds” teaches kids about harmony, hospitality and humour.

“We thrilled by the support of Disney Japan and ABC Australia who have an incredible track record in distributing world class programmingsaid OEA’s CEO and founder Michael Favelle.

With Primetime Emmy winner Steven Banks ("Lego: City Adventure") teaming with talented writers including Ken Goin ("Family Guy") and John R Morey ("Family Guy") giving their all to director George Samilski ("Aliens in the Attic") bringing the characters of Bayo –the resort’s authority, Alejandro – the foolish lifeguard, Nola – the gritty and pretty security guard, Mr. Putu – the reluctant manager, Pon Pon - the hot tempered chef and Ozo - the handyman to life. The series is rounded out with music by Adam Barrett Berry ("South Park") a two-time Emmy-winning television and film composer and a Grammy Award-winning producer.

“We believe “The Beachbuds” will fascinate the heart of kids and families worldwide and we have great confidence in OEA’s capabilities and vast experiences to successfully distribute the series globally” notes JToon Studios’ President, Iskander Tjahjadi.

Disney Japan will commence airing “The Beachbuds” on the 5th of April 2022. The acquisition by ABC Australia is already on air and is notably the first Indonesian created program to be broadcast on ABC Children’s channels. J-Toon Productions (U.S./Indonesia) and Montreal-based producer/distributor Syon Media negotiated a deal for South East Asia where the series is now available on Disney+ Hotstar.