ORF Enterprises expands "Rookie Robot" animated series globally

The non -dialogue programme is now airing on British Columbia’s Knowledge Network, Korean's Daekyo Kids TV, Daekyo Baby TV and streaming on Knowledgekids.ca!.


"Rookie Robot"


ORF Enterprise has announced the animated series "Rookie Robot" is now airing on British Columbia’s Knowledge Network, Korean's Daekyo Kids TV, Daekyo Baby TV, and streaming on Knowledgekids.ca! The success story continues, as the adorable automaton is also featured at the Kikeriki – Children’s Short Film Festival and will be receiving a second season. Not only does the non-linguistic content of the 4K animated kids series make it easy for kids of all cultures to enjoy Rookie’s antics and lessons, the short length of the episodes is also valuable when building linear schedules and streaming portfolios. That is why Knowledge Kids, a platform for quality, commercial-free Edutainment has adopted Season 1 in their catalog.

“We’re delighted to have these charming and funny non-dialogue shorts in our Knowledge Kids linear and on-demand offering,” said Michele Paris, Senior Manager of Children’s Programming, Knowledge Network. “'Rookie Robot' is a fun and optimist character whose curiosity can inspire kids to go out and explore their own world.”

“Rookie Robot” season 1(26x3’) is produced by Sine Lege Film in cooperation with Leiss Postproduction with the Cartoon/Animation by Nadia Zimov, based on drawings by Mira & Ella, is now streaming on Knowledgekids.ca and aired on Knowledge Network, one year after Korean broadcasters Daekyo Kids TV & Daekyo Baby TV also selected "Rookie Robot" for their program, now letting Rookie discover and learn on screens around the globe.

The brave bot is also featured at Kikeriki – A Children’s Short Film Festival in Tulln, Austria among 50 other short films from 20 countries. Kids and their families can experience the show on the silver screen from May 12th to June 2nd. After the success of its first season, ORF Enterprise announces that the second season of "Rookie Robot" is now officially in pre-production. Attendance at ANNECY Festival 2022 MIFA Market will have the opportunity to meet the creators of the series.