"School of Champions", a coming of age drama in a very unique setting

ORF Enterprise showed the first episode of the new original fiction produced by Superfilm in co-production with Catpics for ORF, BR and SRF in association with ORF-Enterprise and that will lead the company slate in MIPCOM.

3 OCT 2023

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Coming of age drama, good skills to ski and an astonish setting make "School of Champions" a must-seen fiction. The series (8×45') produced by Superfilm in co-production with Catpics for ORF, BR and SRF in association with ORF-Enterprise tells the story of ten young talents that push themselves to their limit at an elite ski boarding school. They face immense pressure to succeed, tough training schedules and the struggles of adolescence. To succeed against the odds, some of them have to pay a high price.

"School of Champions is not a sports series only, it's a very exciting series. The series is about coming of age, it's about reaching your goals, it's about big dreams and the price you have to pay for them," affirmed Katharina Schenk, Head of Fiction at ORF.

“School of Champions” is written by Samuel Schultschik directed by Johanna Moder and Dominik Hartl and will be leading ORF Enterprise slate during MIPCOM. "What is unique about the series is that you have this high school drama, coming of age drama in this very unique setting," commented Dominik Hartl. "The setting itself already has a very high drama potential in it, and I think the world of professional sports itself is always a very great setting to create drama," he asserted.

The series is starring by young talents like Moritz Uhl, Imre Lichtenberger, Emilia Warenski, Mikka Forcher and Luna Mwezi. "It was very important to us to find actual teenagers for the main cast, and I think this was also one of our biggest achievements because we found great talent," said Hartl.

ORF Enterprise already confirmed a second season of the series. "We will start shooting in only two months. We're back on the mountain", anticipated the director. The second season of “School of Champions” will be more grown up. It will go even more into depth about what it takes to become a professional skier. "We have a great antagonist, he's a trainer who poses as a gatekeeper for the youngsters on their way to success but who also breaks a lot of these people on the way there," detailed Hartl.

ORF Enterprise will be attending MIPCOM in its booth P-1.L 1A and the Austrian company has also organized its exclusive event ORF Aperol. "I'll show you some more excerpts from 'School of Champions', plus our brand-new series 'Kafka' that we took over into a distribution catalogue," anticipated Armin Luttenberger, Head of Content Sales International at ORF-Enterprise.