16 APR 2024

Armin Luttenberger: “It's an exciting time for producers in austria and the german-speaking world”

The Head of Content Sales at ORF-Enterprise reflects on how german-speaking shows can travel worldwide and how the content consumed has changed in Austria lately.

16 APR 2024
Imagen Armin Luttenberger: Queremos ser el socio preferido de canales y OTT

Armin Luttenberger, Head of Content Sales International de ORF Enterprise

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ORF Enterprise's primary goal is to offer high-quality content across a diverse range of genres to its longstanding buyers. To that end, the company attended MIPTV with titles that can reach global audiences. Armin Luttenberger, Head of Content Sales at ORF Enterprise, analyzed how German-speaking content could achieve worldwide success and detailed the current trends in Austria.

Could German-speaking shows take the global scene after the Spanish or Korean content trends?
"German-speaking content undoubtedly has the potential to significantly impact globally, given the rich cultural heritage, increasing production values, diverse genres, and collaborative efforts within the industry. It's an exciting time for content producers in Austria and the German-speaking world, and we look forward to contributing to this global conversation based on the success of our scripted lineup in previous years."

What ORF Enterprise titles could reach this kind of global success?
"Given the acclaim and attention garnered for the eagerly awaited and star-studded event series 'Kafka,' it possesses the potential to achieve global success, with confirmed sales to various territories. The series premiered in March and tells the story of Franz Kafka's life in an entertaining and humorous way. Scheduled for the centenary of his passing, Kafka's love affairs with Felice Bauer, Milena Jesenka, and Dora Diamant, as well as his relationship with his tyrannical father, make up the story's heart. With the invaluable input of Kafka biographer Reiner Stach, the series stays true to the author's life and helps to shine a spotlight on creative filmmaking from Austria. Brand-new titles such as 'Glambitious' and 'School of Champions' aim for younger audiences and thus make an amazing addition to our well-known catalog, reaching an even broader target audience with fresh stories and fresh faces on the screens."

How could you describe the current landscape for public broadcasters in Austria?
"In Austria, the current landscape is both dynamic and challenging. In recent years, we have observed a shifting preference of the Austrian audience, with a growing interest in ORF's recently revamped online offering. In response to the digital age, ORF has been actively expanding its online presence and developing streaming services to better serve our audience's evolving media consumption preferences. While we face competition from domestic and foreign competitors, ORF remains committed to our mission as a public broadcaster, serving the diverse needs and interests of the entire Austrian population in an inclusive matter."

ORF offers documentaries, series, movies, kids' shows, music, and formats. Which of these genres have more demand today?
"While ORF-Enterprise has always been known as a supplier of blue-chip factual content, the audience's love for German-speaking drama has become increasingly apparent in recent years. Recognizing this trend, ORF Enterprise has massively expanded its fiction lineup. From the enthralling allure of 'Kafka' to the glamorous intrigue of 'Glambitious,' each promise to captivate the audience and deliver top-notch entertainment. Simultaneously, our Univerum Nature and History documentaries continue to impress with their exceptional quality and comprehensive coverage of global issues concerning wildlife and nature. Recent additions to our sales catalog from renowned factual producers make a great addition to meet the buyer's requirements. A high-quality catalog dedicated to music & arts and edutainment content for the youngest audiences round off our full-service offering."

What new shows did you launched at MIPTV?
"We are committed to providing high-quality content across a diverse range of genres while also enthusiastically looking forward to forging new relationships within the industry. Our portfolio is characterized by a colorful variety of top-tier content from different genres and represents an astonishing production value combined with a reliable output, solidifying our reputation as trusted suppliers."

By Romina Rodriguez