Several territories in Asia to run ITV Studios cooking formats

"Rat in the Kitchen," "Hell’s Kitchen," and the "Come Dine With Me" franchise will all land brand new commissions in the region.


Several territories in Asia are ready to serve up a slew of ITV Studios cooking formats, all lined up for 2023, with "Rat in the Kitchen," "Hell’s Kitchen," and the "Come Dine With Me" franchise all landing a brand new commissions in the region.

"People are really passionate about food across Asia, and Mongolia is no different. It's no surprise then that cooking shows are hugely popular in the region. The genre is successful because people love learning to cook and find content involving home cooks and professional chefs entertaining. A fun, brand-new take on the genre where cooking meets gaming in our brand new show, 'Rat in the Kitchen' is posed to be massively engaging to audiences. I’m delighted with the success around this genre and that the ITV Studios catalog has a wide array of delicious cooking formats for audiences to tuck into!" Ayesha Surty, SVP of Licensing Asia Global Entertainment at ITV Studios, said.

In Mongolia, Central TV has commissioned two seasons of the whodunnit cooking format "Rat in the Kitchen," following its debut in the USA earlier this year, with season one to be on air early next year. In Thailand, Channel 7 will be spiced up with its very first season of "Hell’s Kitchen" produced by The Heliconia Group. And soon to be announced, the super popular "Come Dine With Me," with over 17.000 episodes produced across 46 territories, will land in Asia. Brand new to the portfolio of ITV Studios is the cooking format "Bad Chefs." This hilarious cooking show was launched during Mipcom this year and gained an appetite from buyers worldwide. This fun reality cooking format challenges takeaway addicts to ditch the delivery apps and swap convenience food for culinary flare as they learn to cook for the very first time. Faced with daily challenges, rookie chefs have to learn fast to avoid eviction and stay in the competition.