Sky Kids announced new commissions for its line-up

Three new Sky Originals will air in 2025, as well as some popular shows that will return with new seasons.

9 JUL 2024

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Sky Kids has announced three brand new Sky Originals, “Jaime’s Yoga Adventures,” “Emerald” and “Ten Little...who?.” All three shows will be produced in the UK and are scheduled to air in 2025. Moreover, Sky announced the return of three popular shows, “Awesome Animals and Mini Me," “123 Number Squad!” and “Let’s Game."

Lucy Murphy, Director of Kids Content at Sky said: “I couldn’t be happier to announce these new shows – our audiences will have three great new shows to fall in love with as well as old friends returning with new seasons. These six commissions demonstrate our commitment to providing diverse and engaging entertainment which reflects children’s interests in a rapidly changing media environment. And it’s great to be working with so many talented creative partners all over the UK.”

Cosmic Kids YouTube sensation Jaime Amor is bringing movement and mindfulness to Sky Kids with her first ever TV series, “Jaime’s Yoga Adventures.” Kids will be taken on an inspiring journey to a world of story, song and yoga moves. Jaime Amor will be joined by lovable animal characters in the show which aims to boost emotional resilience and encourage physical movement.

Following the success of Sky Kids Original “Isadora Moon,” viewers will be treated to a new spin-off commission, “Emerald,” also based on books by bestselling author Harriet Muncaster. This show follows the journey of a mermaid Princess who swims to the beat of her own drum, as she learns how to navigate new family experiences through unexpected challenges, joys and adventures. With a rebellious, independent and creative spirit, Emerald doesn’t always get it right, but like everything in her life, she does it her way, and most importantly she has fun at the same time.

“Ten Little...who?” is also joining the Sky Kids line-up. The comedy animation series is based on the bestselling picture books written by Mike Brownlow and illustrated by Simon Rickerty. Each episode will feature much-loved characters including elves, pirates, dinosaurs and more, who will be walking, talking and singing numbers all the way and aims to encourage playfulness with numbers for a young audience. The series will air in 2025, with a sneak preview for Christmas launching in December, “Ten Little Elves.”

“Awesome Animals and Mini Me” will offer a new segment in the show, seeing presenter Radzi Chinyanganya and his exercise buddies teach kids how to move like creatures, from snakes and scorpions to bats and butterflies. Set in five inspiring natural locations around the globe, the environments were created using Final Virtual Production, significantly reducing the production’s carbon footprint than if cast and crew had physically visited each location.

Multi award winning “123 Number Squad!” will return with a second series, following Paula, Billy and Tim: three best friends with a shared love of numbers and puzzle-solving, hanging out together in their playroom at 123 Numberville HQ. If a Numberville citizen has a problem, they call for emergency help, and the three friends swing into action as a fast-response rescue team…123 Number Squad!

“Let’s Game” returns for an epic fourth season with some of the biggest and best gamers in the world. DanTDM and friends will play through a selection of popular games with all new challenges, quests, builds, and more. Alongside their favorite gamers, the audience dives into a gameplay experience full of discovery, hilarity, and delightfully random chaos.