Sky's "Munich Games" to debut on Sky Atlantic and NOW in September

The new original sky drama will debut across all Sky markets including UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria & Switzerland this September.

3 AUG 2022

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One of Sky's original dramas, "Munich Games," is scheduled to debut on Sky Atlantic and NOW. This September, the series will be available in all Sky markets, including the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria & Switzerland"Munich Games" is produced by Amelie von Kienlin. Daniel Brühl and Malte Grunert, who represent Amusement Park Film, and Meghan Lyvers from CBS Studios serve as executive producers, and Michal Aviram, Philipp Kadelbach, alongside Frank Jastfelder and Julia Jaensch on behalf of Sky Studios. Martin Behnke is a co-executive producer.

The production of "Munich Games" is supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (FFF), the German Motion Picture Fund (GMPF), and the Czech Film Fund. Paramount Global Content Distribution has acquired international distribution rights to the series outside the Sky markets. Created by Michal Avira, directed by Philipp Kadelbach, and written by Aviram and Martin Behnke (Berlin Alexanderplatz), the co-production by Amusement Park Film, CBS Studios, and Sky Studios was shot in German, Hebrew, Arabic, and English. 

The six-part political thriller covers various themes, including geopolitics, information manipulation, and the increasing threat of extremism.  It tells the story of Seyneb Saleh, Yousef Sweid, Sebastian Rudolph, and Dov Glickman,  inspired by the global TV hit "Fauda," and follows two agents – one Israeli and one German - who must work together to stop a terrorist attack 50 years after the Munich Massacre. A friendly football match between an Israeli and a German team is planned as a mark of peace and respect for the victims of the 1972 terrorist attack. Police and secret services on all sides are on high alert to ensure the event's security. However, when Oren Simon, a Mossad agent stationed in Berlin, intercepts a message in a dark web forum just days before the game, he is partnered with Maria Köhler, a German State Criminal Police officer (LKA), with Lebanese roots, to ensure that history does not repeat itself. Additionally, to mark the 50-year anniversary of the tragic events that inspired the series, Sky will also air a 90-minute documentary, "1972 - Munich's Black September," detailing the devastating impact of what took place at the 1972 Olympic Games. Coming to Sky Documentaries on 5th September.