Strong Studios to develop new true crime drama series “Hall Mills Murders”

Strong Studios continues to build its portfolio with the development of a new true crime drama series, “Hall Mills Murders,” based on a 1922 case.

29 MAY 2023

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Strong Studios, a subsidiary of and the original content production and distribution arm of Strong Global Entertainment, continues to build its portfolio with the development of a new true crime drama series, “Hall Mills Murders,” based on the 1922 case that captured the nation, flooded the tabloids and began America’s obsession with true crime.

On an early September morning, two dead bodies are discovered in the serene New Jersey countryside. Identified as the town’s married priest, Edward Wheeler Hall, and his mistress, Eleanor Mills, the bodies are arranged as if the couple were nestled in each other’s arms. Upon closer look, the pair had been brutally murdered and salacious love notes are torn and scattered at their feet. The mystery of their deaths whips the press into a frenzy, threatens to destroy one of the world’s wealthiest families, and sends a “down on his luck” reporter on a chase to break the story of a lifetime.

Peabody Award-winning writer Michael Angeli sets to serve as showrunner and executive producer for “Hall Mills Murders,” an eight, one-hour episodic series. “Hall Mills Murders” will also be executive produced by Toni Ann Marcolini; Strong Studios’ CEO, David Ozer; and Strong Studios’ EVP of Production and Development, Scott Weinstock. Strong Studios will begin discussions with potential media partners shortly.

“We are thrilled to announce that the ‘Hall Mills Murders’ project will allow Strong Studios to significantly ramp up our production pipeline. This sordid story and murder trial led to a three-ring media circus that is recognized to this day as the first of its kind in America to saturate news coverage on a daily basis. We know audiences are fascinated by true crime, and given this is the story that started it all, we have no doubt it will generate interest among broadcasters and streamers, and most definitely with audiences when we premiere,”  Ozer stated.

“There are so many sensational aspects to this story, from the scandalous affair, to the tabloid coverage and the host of colorful characters under investigation – all of the elements needed to deliver a truly captivating series,”  Angeli added.