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Content 29 MAY 2023

Strong Studios to develop new true crime drama series “Hall Mills Murders”

29 MAY 2023
Strong Studios continues to build its portfolio with the development of a new true crime drama series, “Hall Mills Murders,” based on a 1922 case.

Content 1 JUL 2022

Strong Studios began producing "Safehaven" thriller in Canada

1 JUL 2022
The series, starring Georgie Murphy, Bob Frazer and Gino Anania, is directed by Kaare Andrews.

Content 6 APR 2022

Strong Studios appoints new leadership team

6 APR 2022
Scott Weinstock was named EVP of Development & Production, while Melissa Traub was appointed as VP of Marketing & Development.

Content 8 MAR 2022

Ballantyne Strong launches new production company, Strong Studios

8 MAR 2022
The new establishment, set to be led by former CEO of Landmark Studio Group, David Ozer, will specialize in the development, production and distribution of original feature films and series.