Talpa's "The Tribute - Battle of the Bands" garners high ratings among Dutch viewers

The first four episodes of the format, distributed by Talpa received a market share of 13% in the key demo of 25-59 on SBS6.


Talpa announced "The Tribute - Battle of the Bands's" significant market share of 13% in the key demo of 25-59 on SBS6 during the first four episodes. "The show is clearly winning over the hearts of Dutch viewers," a recent release states.

Despite heavy competition in the 8 PM timeslot, the first three episodes ranked in second place. The show also scored a delayed viewing average of 24% of the viewers (25-59) watching later, on demand. "And it’s not only the TV show that’s captivating audiences, this season’s LIVE Tribute concerts, where the best bands get to perform, are both completely sold out."

On the show, several tribute bands give their all in trying to recreate the hits of their favorite band to perfection. The competition starts with 11 bands. Each band must try to replicate the sound and voice of the original as closely as possible. A professional jury of three will judge each performance, along with a joint fourth jury member that's comprised of 100 music experts whose average score counts as one. They give an individual grade and their average is displayed on The Stairway to Heaven. The greener the stairway, the higher the grade. This creates a ranking of the bands, and the band that comes in last, has to leave the competition. The finale starts with 6 bands. Halfway, there are 4 bands left. They all win a chance to perform at a sold-out tribute concert in one of the biggest concert halls in the Netherlands. 

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