The company financed the film, pre-sold it to Channel 4, and is discussing its exit strategy with Kew Media following the Canadian production group’s administration collapse.

20 MAR 2020

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TCB Media Rights, along with Kew Media Group, has financed “Hitler’s Supercars,” a 60-minute film made by UK production company Wiser Films. The film was pre-sold to Channel 4 in a deal brokered by TCB Senior Sales Manager Holly Newey. Tas Brooker and Jim Wiseman are the executive producers alongside TCB’s Hannah Demidowicz and Nicola Davey.

In addition to "Hitler’s Supercars," TCB also financed the eight-part series “Extreme Ice Machines” from Canadian outfit Architect Films. The series has been sold to an unnamed U.S. network by TCB’s head of sales Simona Argenti. TCB is currently undergoing consultation with Kew Media over its exit strategy after the Canadian production group’s administration collapsed last month.

“Hitler’s Supercars” reveals information about supercars built under the Nazi regime as part of a brace of new factual projects and how he ordered two German car manufacturers to build the vehicles with the highest performance in the world.“Extreme Ice Machines” examines the technology that allows people to live and thrive in extreme conditions. The film is executive produced by Architect Film’s Tanya Linton, Mike Sheerin and Cara Volchoff, as well as TCB’s Demidowicz.