12 OCT 2023

TelevisaUnivision Closes a New Volume Deal with Network4 Group

Network4 Group acquired three ViX Original Series: "Travesuras de la Niña Mala", "Los Artístas: Primeros Trazos" y "La Rebelión" for Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

12 OCT 2023

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TelevisaUnivision, the leading Spanish-language media and content company in the world, announces a new volume deal with Network4 Group which acquired three ViX Original Series: "Travesuras de la Niña Mala", "Los Artístas: Primeros Trazos" y "La Rebelión" for Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“We are reaching more and more territories with the new ViX original series, which complements the successful track record of Televisa's telenovelas. We hope to replicate this bundling and volume model in other territories and take the relationship with Network 4 to the next level,” said Guillermo Borensztein, SVP of Global Content Licensing and Co-productions at TelevisaUnivision.

"Travesuras de la Niña Mala" (Bad Girl) is a romantic series based on the acclaimed novel by Mario Vargas Llosa, which premiered exclusively on ViX with new weekly episodes in 2022. The series cast includes Macarena Achaga (“The Wrath of God,” “Father of the Bride,” “Luis Miguel, The Series,”) and Juan Pablo Di Pace (“The Mattachine Family,” “Fuller House,” “A.D. The Bible Continues,” “Dallas,” “Mamma Mia”) who stars in the original production filmed in Paris, London and Mexico City, and it was written by seasoned scriptwriter María López Castaño (“Valeria,” “Diablo Guardián,” “Gran Hotel,” “Los Hombres de Paco”). The series was directed by Alejandro Bazzano (“Money Heist”, “Inés del Alma Mía,” “No te Puedes Esconder”) and Pavel Vázquez (“Los Ricos También Lloran,” “El Dragon,” “La Mujer del Diablo”), with David Azcano (“Money Heist,” “Sky Rojo,” “Bose,” “Isabel”) as cinematographer. The serie tells the epic love story between a nonconformist and adventurous young woman and Ricardo, a man trapped in a predictable routine whom she calls a “good boy.” Thanks to the “bad girl,” he slowly learns to get out of his comfort zone. These two characters’ lives will intertwine over forty years through reunions across Lima, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, London, and more. The “bad girl” invites us to challenge our life on autopilot, transform ourselves, take more risks to feel alive and seek happiness through excitement. A premise that questions what life is without those exciting moments from the perspective of a character that lives life feeling immortal.

"Los Artístas: Primeros Trazos" (The Artists: First Strokes), is a ten-episode dramedy starring Maxi Iglesias (“Volver a Caer” [Falling Again], “Valeria,” “Dueños del paraíso” [Owners of Paradise], “Velvet,” “Física o química” [Physics or Chemistry]) and Ximena Romo (“María Félix: la doña,” “Señorita 89” [Miss 89], “El color de la pasión” [The Color of Passion]), and is the first project created as a series by Spanish bestselling author María Dueñas. Is a story of fraud with deception, forgery and suspense, set in the exclusive multimillion-dollar world of art sales. Filmed in Spain and the United States, the fiction tells the story of Cata (Ximena Romo), a young Mexican art expert, who is forced by bitter twists of fate to work in a mediocre restaurant in Madrid, and Yago (Maxi Iglesias), a young Spanish antiques dealer, who is forced by bad luck to close his business and look for new opportunities. Unexpectedly, they get to know each other, and the chemistry between them, together with the need to find a way out of their difficult circumstances, turns them into a seductive couple looking for buyers of magnificent works of art. The problem is that such works are fakes. Still, their talent, boldness and audacity will achieve their purposes in an engaging, addictive series, full of humanity, unexpected twists, irony and beauty.

"La Rebelión" (The Rebellion), is a six-episode series starring Aracely Arámbula (“La Madrastra”), Daniela Vega (“Una Mujer Fantástica”), Ana Serradilla (“El Hubiera Sí Existe”) and Adriana Paz (“Vis a vis”). Directed by Iñaki Peñafiel (“Express,” “La Cocinera de Castamar”) and Chava Cartas (“Mirreyes vs Godinez”) and written by Adriana Pelusi (“Control Z”). In the series, four seemingly happy women decide to leave their homes unexpectedly. Nobody knows where they are but, little by little, the many reasons they had to escape start to be discovered, especially their desire to rebel against their marriages and their lives as housewives, which did not turn out as they thought. But running away has its risks and these women will be united by their journey as well as a shocking murder. The series focuses on real situations that will spark conversations on issues such as marital relationships, generational traumas, mental health, toxic relationships, social class conflicts, and the dark side of lives that seem perfect. These characters are unaware of the secrets of the people they live with and think they know.