LUXE.TV and LUXE.TV 4K premium programming are now available on UMAX and Hobby Life channels in the Asian country.

8 JUL 2021


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THEMA Asia Pacific, a Canal+ Group company, announces a partnership between LUXE.TV 4K and two leading TV channels in South Korea, UMAX and Hobby Life. From now on, with the acquisition of more than 50 hours of LUXE.TV and LUXE.TV 4K premium programming, UMAX and Hobby Life’s audiences will be able to enter and delight the world of luxury and the art of living.

With 12 themes from gastronomy to jewelry and fashion, LUXE.TV offers a wide range of documentary type programs, exclusively filmed, edited and broadcast in HD and UHD 4K. LUXE.TV programs will be broadcast in 4K on UMAX and in HD on Hobby Life.

UMAX, established in 2019, is one of Korea’s pioneers in operating a UHD general entertainment TV channel and is available on leading IPTV platforms such as KT, SKB and LGU+.  Hobby Life was established in April 2019. It is specialized in hobby activities such as cooking, workout, travel, fashion. It produces customized contents considering viewer's lifestyles and sells to various platforms.  

"With UMAX and Hobby Life, we have in common the promotion of the art of living with high quality images. With this agreement negotiated by THEMA our companies can offer these UHD 4K images to Koreans” said Jean Stock, LUXE.TV founder and CEO.

“We are thrilled to bring LUXE.TV contents on two recognized TV channels in South Korea. We consolidate our position as a 4K aggregator in this growing market and extend our partnership with UMAX” said Alexandre Bac, Managing Director at THEMA Asia Pacific.