TNT and Argentina's Flow released first teaser for "Cris Miró (Ella)"

During the Oscars celebration, the first official teaser of the series, which narrates the life of the first transgender figure recognized and celebrated in Argentina, was aired.

18 MAR 2024

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TNT and Flow have joined forces to create the original biopic series "Cris Miró (ella)", which will narrate the story of Cris Miró, the first transgender woman from Argentina to become a vedette at the Teatro Maipo in the 90s, something that, at that time, was only possible for cisgender women. Produced and developed by EO Media and Nativa Contenidos, the series will be available on TNT and Flow.

The eight-episode series will trace her life and trajectory up to the moment when a stigmatizing diagnosis about her health shakes her plans. Directed by Martín Vatenberg and Javier Van de Couter, will star Mina Serrano as Cris Miró and will include the performances of Katja Alemann, César Bordón, Agustín "Soy Rada" Aristarán, Vico D'Alessandro, Marcos Montes, Toto Rovito, Manu Fanego, Campi, and Adabel Guerrero, among others.

This story, based on the novel "Hembra, Cris Miró - Vivir y morir en un país de machos" by Carlos Sanzol, will come to recognize and highlight Cris Miró's footprint as one of the most important transgender women for this community, who revolutionized the era and also managed to propel a struggle that is still relevant today.