Wildbrain closes distribution and consumer products deals for "Carmen Sandiego"

The animated title was picked up in Switzerland, New Zealand, Israel, Germany and Portugal, while Threadless, Tonies and The Loyal Subjects will launch a wide range of Carmen Sandiego's products.

3 AUG 2023

"Carmen Sandiego"

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WildBrain has sealed new deals across distribution and consumer-products licensing for the Emmy Award-winning action-adventure animated series "Carmen Sandiego", produced by HarperCollins Productions and WildBrain’s animation studio in Vancouver.

In distribution deals, WildBrain has inked new partnerships for seasons one to four of the hit series (33x30’ total) with RTS (Switzerland), TVNZ (New Zealand), BIGI Channel (Israel), Edel Music and Entertainment (Germany), and SIC K and Txillo (Portugal).

Caroline Tyre, VP Global Sales & Rights Strategy, said:The new 'Carmen Sandiego' series continues to drive engagement with partners around the world. We’re pleased to further our work with HarperCollins Productions to bring the characters to life both on screen and in consumer products for longtime fans and new audiences.”

In global consumer products deals, WildBrain CPLG, has signed a new partnership with Threadless for a wide range of products across apparel, home décor, bedding, headwear, bags, accessories, hosiery, skateboards and decks;  a deal with The Loyal Subjects for fashion dolls and figurines, showcasing Carmen Sandiego throughout the years; and a new digital audio product with Tonies.

Caroline Fraser of HarperCollins Productions, added: “The character of Carmen Sandiego is incredibly intriguing to kids and families today. In addition to being the world’s greatest thief, Carmen Sandiego’s overarching theme – to learn about and celebrate all cultures – has never been more important. Our goal has been to bring this theme to kids and families through multiple touchpoints, including onscreen and through consumer products. WildBrain is the perfect partner to achieve that goal.”

The series, which launched on Netflix in 2019, follows the adventures of Carmen Sandiego—a master thief who uses her skills for good—as she pulls off a string of international capers, while also giving fans a look at Sandiego’s backstory and why she became a thief. A live-action "Carmen Sandiego" movie is currently in development at Netflix, produced by Kevin Misher from Misher Films and Caroline Fraser from HarperCollins Productions.

WildBrain is the global distributor of "Carmen Sandiego" television series and also distributes all four seasons of the classic 1990s series, "Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?". WildBrain CPLG represents consumer products licensing rights for the Carmen Sandiego brand, on behalf of HarperCollins Productions, including the new series and forthcoming live-action "Carmen Sandiego" movie.