8 ENE 2021


The new wildlife documentary, produced by NDR Naturfilm and Doclights production in association with ARTE and ORF, is set to be distributed this month.


ZDF Enterprises has secured the global rights to distribute "In Touch with a Giant Pacific Octopus," a documentary by wildlife filmmaker and marine biologist, Florian Graner.  “As a top underwater cameraman, Florian Graner’s career has taken him all over the world working on series such as Blue Planet and Oceans for the BBC and Animal Planet’s River Monsters amongst many others," Ralf Rueckauer, Vice-President ZDFE.unscripted at ZDF Enterprises, said. "His vast experience is evident having beautifully captured the private life of one of nature’s most elusive sea animals.”

An NDR Naturfilm and Doclights production in association with ARTE, ORF, the 50-minute title showcases the biggest octopus species in the world. The distributor is set to launch the documentary to the global market this month.

Giant Pacific Octopuses have eight arms, nine brains, and arms that can stretch to ten meters. A relative of snails and mussels, they can weigh up to 100 pounds. The documentary records impressive scenes of a Giant Octopus encounter during which a an unselfish care of a female who, as a mother-to-be, protects and fans her clutch for months before she dies exhausted. 

"In Touch with a Giant Pacific Octopus" highlights the intelligence of these creatures by following the developments of a young female giant octopus at a Marine Science Centre. Inquisitive and attentive, she solves increasingly complex problems that are set for her as well as enjoying regular cuddle sessions.