English-dubbed versions of several GMA programs aired by KTN TV have exceeding expected figures for primetime viewership, according to Geopoll platform.

11 NOV 2019

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GMA dramas continue to be popular among viewers in Kenya. Through the partnership between GMA’s content distribution subsidiary, GMA Worldwide and Kenya’s Standard Media Group, the English-dubbed versions of several GMA programs are aired by KTN TV, exceeding expected figures for primetime viewership, according to data from African surveying platform Geopoll.

GMA’s romantic drama “Once Again” was among the most watched programs on KTN TV. It debuted with a strong 1.4 million viewers and soared to a peak of 2.3 million viewers. Aired on weekdays primetime, the intriguing story of resurrected star-crossed lovers received positive reviews from Kenyan viewers.

Following “Once Again” is the internationally acclaimed drama “The Other Mrs. Real” with viewership that peaked to 1.8 million. The drama which is a Silver Screen Awardee of the US International Film and Video Festival was praised by Kenyan viewers for its delicate and mature treatment of the controversial theme of infidelity.

Also with a peak viewership of 1.8 million is “Family Jewels”. The comedy-drama about feuding sisters drew many viewers, especially fans of actress Carla Abellana who became popular among Kenyans after starring in “My Destiny”, “Together Again”, and “Losing Heaven”.

KTN TV also aired the dramas “Until We Meet Again”, an intriguing drama about a feral child; and “Someone To Watch Over Me”, a story of a wife’s sacrifice for her husband diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Viewership of these dramas peaked at 1.5 million and 1.4 million, respectively.

The dramas’ unique storylines which portray the struggles of characters who eventually triumph, appeal to Kenyan viewers. GMA continues to strengthen its presence in the region by providing top-rating content not only to Kenya, but to the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.


GMA’s newest drama “Broken Faith” (Magkaagaw) continues to earn high ratings, beating its competition in since it premiered on October 21. It is headlined by actress Sunshine Dizon who starred in the phenomenal series “A Woman Scorned”, together with Sheryl Cruz (Buena Familia). It tells the intriguing story of two women’s deep-rooted rivalry and how a daughter and her husband will be caught in between.

Laura (Sunshine Dizon) ties the knot with Mario (Alfred Vargas) unaware that he is married to Veron (Sheryl Cruz), an ambitious woman who left Mario to pursue a career abroad. When Veron returns, she reveals Mario’s secret to Laura and tries to win him back. Laura wants to break up with Mario, but he promises to make things right by having his marriage to Veron annulled. However, Mario is killed in an accident before the annulment is finalized and Laura is left without any legal right as his wife. Veron blames Laura for the tragedy and vows to make her life miserable.