8 NOV 2019


Vice President of GMA Worldwide appointed that they are offering attractive and HD content to compete with others Asian companies. She also detailed the highlights for the international market.


GMA Worldwide is offering a new portfolio of dramas and romantic comedies to the international marketplace. Among the new titles of the Filipino company is “The Gift” (25x45), the family drama tells the story of Joseph or Sep (Alden Richards) a vendor that uses his undeniable charm and enthusiasm to get through the tough days. Together with his adoptive mother and adoptive grandmother, Sep continues to find the silver lining amidst the harsh realities of life. All seems well in Sep's simple life until a fateful day when he got in a near-death experience and woke up in literal darkness. At the expense of losing his vision, Sep has been given the gift of clairvoyance or the ability to see things beyond the naked eye.

In the new GMA dramas slate are also “A place in your hear” (45x45’); the crime drama “Beautiful Justice” (25x45’); the family drama “Prima Donnas” (40x45’); “For Love or Money” (45x45’) and the rivalry drama “The better Woman” (35x45’).  

GMA Worldwide is betting for romantic comedies too for instance “My Crow Princess” (25x45’). Grant is a romantic who believes that everyone wears an invisible crown that can only be seen by the person they are destined to be with forever. Jowa on the other hand, is a certified man-hater who vows never to let love distract her from her life goals. She focuses on her dream of making it big as ship captain.

The romantic comedies offer is complete with “Love you Two” (45x45’); el fantasy thriller  “Obsession” (35x45’) and the new feature film “Family History”. “It’s the first movie that GMA produced this year”, told Roxanne Barcelona, Vice President of GMA Worldwide to Señal News. “Hopefully next year we can produce more titles that we are going to introduce  and distribute worldwide and we will continue to produce series, dramas and romantic comedies”, added the executive.


GMA contents are very successful in Philippines and always reach the highest ratings in the country but also, the dramas and comedies have a huge international appeal. GMA Worldwide has sold its dramas and comedies to India, Georgia, Southeast Asia, Myanmar and recently the Filipino company sold the drama series “The Way To Your Heart” in Dominican Republic. “We work through Latin Media Corporartion with José Escalante, it’s a very good partner for us, he takes care Latin America, Spain and Portugal and US Hispanic”, said Barcelona.

On the other hand, “we want to reach other parts of Africa, West and Eastern of Europe and Central Europe as well. We are planing to add more markets this year so we are going to introduce our content on those territories”, completed.


We have to elevate our content to more international standars because there is not very good quality around the world in terms of production values but we are doing it and sold it now”, opined the VP of GMA Worldwide.  According the executive, the new GMA dramas and comedies have been all shot in very good HD. “We are getting there because there is a lot of competition from other Asian countries and we have to differentiate ourselves from them”.

By Romina Rodríguez