29 NOV 2019


The company to announced the signature of various agreements with TV3 Russia, IVI Russia, Ukrainian channels Inter and NTN, LTV Latvia and LNK Lithuania.


ZDF Enterprises to announced the signature of various agreements with partners in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States.

TV3 Russia, specialized in mystery and fantasy genres, bought the first season of "The Crimson Rivers" (8x50’ or 4x100’) for its Free TV service. Set in a macabre world of shockingly brutal, gruesome crimes and harrowing rituals, "The Crimson Rivers" is a breathtaking series based on Jean-Christophe Grangé’s best-selling novel. Detective Pierre Niémans and his partner investigate a series of bizarre crimes in remote regions of France.

IVI Russia also acquired the series for its SVOD and AVOD platforms, alongside crime series "Wild District" (20x60’), which blends pure drama and action and tells the story of a man who escapes the Columbian armed conflict, "London Kills" (10x60’), in which a series of killings is investigated by an elite murder squad, fast-paced psychological thriller series "Victor Lessard" (30x60’), adapted from the bestselling novels by Martin Michaud, the “Master of the Quebec thriller”, and "Beyond Appearances" (6x52’), a tale of deception and betrayal as it follows the disappearance of the twin of a famous actress and long-buried family secrets are revealed.

Ukrainian Free TV channels Inter and NTN added the original Scandinavian crime series "Bron/Broen" (38x60’), the 3-parter "Bella Germania" (3x90’), which tells a German-Italian family story spanning generations with heart and soul, "The Criminalist" (100x60’), the story of a charismatic investigator with a quasi-mystical methodology, the entertaining medical drama series "Betty’s Call" (86x45’) as well as "Ottilie von Faber-Castell" (2x90’), in which a brilliant young woman navigates the pitfalls of 19th century business, family and forbidden love, to their choice of programming for their audiences.

ZDF Enterprises and the Free TV channels All Media Baltics Latvia and Lithuania signed a 3-year frame agreement on romantic tv movies and the acquisition of the murder mystery series "Queens of Mystery" (3×90′or 6×45′).

The viewers of Latvia’s public Free TV channel LTV Latvia will also soon be able to enjoy "Bella Germania", "Queens of Mystery" and "Ottilie von Faber-Castell", while LNK Lithuania plans to thrill its audiences on Free TV with a package of Nordic noir drama series Before we Die (18x60’), suspenseful Belgian thriller "Tabula Rasa" (9x50’) about a young woman with amnesia who holds the key to solving a mysterious disappearance, "Kristina Ohlsson’s Sthlm Requiem" (10x45’ or 5x90’), from the acclaimed Academy Award-nominated producer Piodor Gustafsson as well as "The Crimson Rivers".

Robert Franke, Vice President ZDFE.drama with ZDF Enterprises: “We are very proud of our strong and growing partnerships with so many valued customers in Russia, the Ukraine and the Baltic States. My team is looking forward to even further expand our business in these territories in the future.”