23 JUN 2020


The streaming company introduced GatewayGo for consumers to interct with ads. The goal is to allows TV brands to attract digital-focused advertisers and transform TV into a top-notch advertising medium.


Hulu is the latest media company that has decided to move transactional ad formats as it enters the NewFronts marketplace for the first time, alongside Walt Disney. The streamer introduced GatewayGo, a platform where viewers can interact with a commercial and take action on a second screen, such as access special offers or make a purchase. 

GatewayGo pushes QR codes and pushes notifications to encourage viewers to take immediate action on their mobile devices. The goal is to upend TV as a top-notch advertising medium and build the foundation for action-oriented campaigns. By doing this, it allows TV brands to attract digital-focused advertisers, like direct-to-consumer brands that typically utilize social channels and other digital advertising.

Hulu also announced the adoption of Nielsen Media Impact, which allows marketers to see what kind of reach they can expect against their ad spend across Disney’s platform. Disney previously announced a new ad product, Disney Hulu XP, which will allow marketers to make one buy, at one price, and their ad can run anywhere across Disney’s entire digital portfolio, all of which will be guaranteed on completed views. 

SmileDirectClub, The RealReal, and SweetGreen are launch partners for the new experience. New original programming includes “Dopestick,” “The Mysterious Benedict Society,” “Only Murders In The Building,” “Love, Beth,” “Woke,” and more. FX on Hulu originals such as “The Old Man,” “A Teacher,” and “Y: The Last Man."