12 APR 2024

RTVE Play + premiered “Operación Barrio Inglés” original series

The new series is co-produced by RTVE together with Emociona Media and Onza.

12 APR 2024

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International OTT platform RTVE Play + premiered the original RTVE series “Operación Barrio Inglés”, co-produced with Emociona Media and Onza. María Eizaguirre, director of Communication and Participation of RTVE, highlighted the ingredients of this new project: "Espionage, adventure, intrigue and a risky love story". On the other hand, José Pastor, director of Cinema and Fiction of RTVE, mentioned the importance of the historical context and the fact of taking the productions out of the usual cities, which he considers "a great attraction".

The series has an international cast headed by Aria Bedmar, who gives life to Lucia Valbuena, the protagonist, who must face a decisive role in this story. She is accompanied by Peter Vives, who plays Peter Smith, and Rubén Cortada, who plays Francisco, the conservative Civil Governor of the city with great political aspirations, whose love for Lucía will make him question his values. The production has had several locations in Andalucía: Huelva, Sevilla and Cádiz.

In "Operación Barrio Inglés", Huelva becomes, during the 40's in the middle of World War II, a real nest of spies from both sides, among which Lucia Valbuena will be forced to move. The young woman, recently hired by an English mining company as a secretary, meets the manager, Peter, an attractive Englishman with a dark past that will drag her into a plot where neutrality is not a valid alternative in times of war.