18 AUG 2023

ViX to premiere "Wendy:  Lost but Famous" format

The new reality series will be produced by EndemolShine Boomdog and executively produced by Julia Tradd, Jaime Escallón, and Marllalely Larios.

18 AUG 2023

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ViX will soon premier "Wendy: Perdida Pero Famosa," translated as "Wendy:  Lost but Famous" on the service's premium plan and will be available in the U.S., Mexico and most Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America. The new reality series that will closely follow Wendy Guevara, the winner of La Casa De Los Famosos México.""Wendy Guevara's participation in 'La casa de los famosos México' generated a movement that transcended the screen, managing to connect the public in a unique way on an international level," Augusto Rovegno, SVP of Content ViX at TelevisaUnivision said."The show broke records and became a phenomenon never seen before on multiple platforms thanks to the talent and charisma of participants like her. At ViX, we continue to generate authentic content to strengthen the connection we have with our growing and diverse audience, and Wendy's new show is an example of our commitment."

Produced by EndemolShine Boomdog, "Wendy: Perdida Pero Famosa," is executively produced by Julia Tradd, Jaime Escallón, and Marllalely Larios.“Wendy is a fascinating, charming character, full of surprises. With ‘Wendy: Perdida Pero Famosa’ we will follow Wendy's incredible journey after winning the 'La casa de los famosos México,' after 71 days of confinement, giving our audience the opportunity to continue witnessing, from up close and in a very intimate way, this wonderful story with this marvelous character," Frank Scheuermann, SVP and Head of Unscripted, EndemolShine Boomdog said. "We want to reiterate our gratitude to our partners and friends at ViX for their trust in working with us on this beautiful project and thank Wendy for her enormous willingness and commitment."

The original series will show the details of the life of the influencer who positioned herself as the audience's favorite after remaining 71 days in the competition.  Wendy, who won the hit show with more than 18 million votes, made history as the first transgender woman to win a reality show in Mexico, shedding light on the prejudice and discrimination faced by the LGBTQI+ community.  The show will feature how Wendy lives her new reality and discovers the impact of her participation in the hit show. In addition, she will share her beginnings and her relationship with her closest circle, including her family and the team that won the audience's sympathy, the "team infierno."