31 AUG 2023

ZED's YouTube channel SLICE reaches one million subscribers

Its offer extends through 11 thematic channels, both in English and French, providing high-quality documentaries.

31 AUG 2023


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On August 29, the ZED's YouTube channel SLICE has reached 1 million subscribers. With its international scope, SLICE's offer now extends through 11 thematic channels (ethnics, wildlife, travel, science, history, fact-checking, nature), both in English and French.

Created on January 24, 2020 and edited by producer ZED, the YouTube channel SLICE provides high-quality documentaries, previously broadcasted on international premium channels like National Geographic, ARTE, BBC, PBS, Discovery, NHK.

Its content focuses on rarely heard narratives, propelling viewers into remote territories and showcasing the ways of life of peoples around the globe.

In just three years, the channel has extended its reach exponentially, reaching now 2,000 subscribers and 200,000 views per day. As it keeps on broadening its scope worldwide, SLICE will be expanding its offer to Spanish-speaking audience by the end of the year.