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Content 6 JUL 2022

ZED to adapt discovered medieval novel about the Arthurian legend for TV

6 JUL 2022
ZED’s adaptation will be a documentary blending contemporary shootings and animated sequences, in collaboration with illustrator Antoine Carrion.

Content 14 JUN 2022

ZED shoots its new in-house production "Normandy: Land of Warriors"

14 JUN 2022
The 3-part original series was commissioned by CuriosityStream and is being produced for Curiosity in association with Histoire TV (TF1 Group).

Content 15 APR 2022

ZED promotes Charlotte Tachet as Head of Distribution & Acquisitions

15 APR 2022
Tachet joined ZED in 2016 as International Sales Manager for Asia/Pacific, German speaking Europe, the Middle East, Benelux, Switzerland and French-speaking Canada.

Content 15 MAR 2022

ZED to distribute a new documentary on Ukraine's President

15 MAR 2022
The documentary, produced by Bangumi, for TMC (TF1 Group), is now available for purchase.

Content 26 NOV 2021

Zed to launch two anniversary documentaries on Champollion and Eiffel

26 NOV 2021
Paris-based producer and distributor Zed is bringing two new documentary programmes on the international market, both available for presales: “The Egypt Code Breakers” and “Eiffel: Towers’ War”.