Content Americas 2023: RTVE presents its new features across all genres

"La Promesa", "La Caza. Guadiana", "Fuerza de Paz", "Sequía", "El Asesino de la Baraja", "El Robo del Códice" and "Caminos de Santiago, "ntre el Cielo y la Tierra"are among company's productions to be showed at this new international market.

23 JAN 2023

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Great fiction series for all kind of publics and documentaries make up RTVE’s portfolio that the company will show at Content Americas’ first edition. For this new international market, held by C21 International Inc., RTVE is unveiling daily series “La Promesa”, the prime time series “La Caza. Guadiana”, “Fuerza de Paz” and “Sequía”, the true crime series “El Asesino de la Baraja” and “El Robo del Códice”, the Emmy-nominated series “Dos Vidas”, and the award-winning youth series “Yrreal” and “Ser o No Ser”, and “Caminos de Santiago, Entre el Cielo y la Tierra”, a breathtaking documentary series filmed in 4K.

A woman, a revenge, and a great love story are the raw ingredients "La Promesa". Set in 1913, the story takes stars at the Palace of La Promesa, owned by the marquises of Luján, the wedding of the heir, Tomás, is taking place. Just after the banquet, an airplane appears, grabbing everyone's attention. The pilot is Manuel, the marquises' son. The aircraft suddenly starts to lose altitude and ends up crashing. Manuel is about to be engulfed by the flames, but someone manages to save him: Jana. Another production is "La Caza. Guadiana", the third season of the successful series that began with "La Caza. Monteperdido", and which has won several international awards (Luchon, Venice). Starring Megan Montaner, Alain Hernández, and Félix Gómez, it tells the story of life in a small town divided by the Guadiana River that is dramatically altered one market Sunday. Mario, a 19-year-old in the throes of a manic crisis, carries out a massacre, killing three people. 

"Fuerza de Paz", starring Silvia Alonso, Martiño Rivas, Félix Gómez, Alain Hernández, and Alfonso Bassave, has recently been nominated for the prestigious Prix Europa award for best television fiction. The peacekeeping mission of a Spanish military contingent deployed to the African republic of Equatorial Guinea is compromised after the death of one of its members, an event that will be investigated outside of official channels. Meanwhile, "Sequía" is the first co-production between RTVE and the Portuguese public television RTP. The show has reached nearly 3 million on the RTVE Play platform. It stars Elena Rivera, Rodolfo Sancho, Miryam Gallego and Miguel Ángel Muñoz.

"Dos Vidas", RTVE's hit daily series, nominated for an International Emmy Award in the Best Telenovela category, is set in the colony of Spanish Guinea during the 1950s as well as in modern-day Spain, with Laura Ledesma and Amparo Piñero leading the cast. The series already won the award for Best Soap or Telenovela at the 60 th edition of the Rose D'Or Festival, one of the most prestigious events in the television industry becoming the first Spanish series to receive the award in this category. It's also reached 20 million views on the RTVE Play platform.

"El Asesino de la Baraja" tells the story of the serial crimes that took place in Madrid in 2003, paying special attention to the police work and how, parallel to the investigation, the media created a monster that gripped the people of Madrid with fear. Over the course of 3 episodes, this docuseries tells the story of a cruel serial killer as it has never been told before. "El Robo del Códice" is an unleashed police investigation marked by media interest, a tight-lipped Church, and all manner of false accusations of the dissappearence, in 2011 from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, of a 12th century manuscript known as the Codex Calixtinus and considered the first guide for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.

Series aimed at younger viewers also have a leading place in RTVE's extensive catalog. "Yrreal" is an action thriller starring Angy Fernández and Veki Velilla and mixing live action and 2D animation that has won awards at Conecta Ficción and the Luchon International Festival. "Ser o no Ser", a finalist at the Prix Italia awards, is a youth series in which Joel, a trans teenager, starts a
performing arts baccalaureate program at a new high school. "Caminos de Santiago, Entre el Cielo y la Tierra" is a breathtaking documentary series shot in 4K. The film retraces the thousand-year-old "Caminos de Santiago" which make up the "main street of
Europe", in particular the Camino del Norte, Primitivo, Portuguese and French routes, with the aim of reaching Santiago de Compostela, theField of Stars.

RTVE also offers a large portfolio of international linear channels, which continue to gain subscribers around the world: TVE, 24 Horas; the fiction channel STAR HD and Clan, which reaches millions of homes in 17 countries in the Americas, including the US.
In addition, RTVE offers exclusive access to the video-on-demand platform RTVE Play+, available throughout the Americas, with over 10,000 hours of subscription content.