18 MAY 2022

France tv distribution's film selected at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

"SOS: Save our School" produced by Haut et Court will be presented on May 23 as part of the section "Cinéma de la Plage".

18 MAY 2022

"SOS: Save our School"

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France tv distribution has announced that "SOS: Save our School", a feature by Carine May and Hakim Zouhani, produced by Haut et Court, has been selected at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. It will be presented as part of the section "Cinéma de la Plage" the next May 23. ­

The film stars Rachida Brakni ("Sisters"), alongside Anaïde Rozam ("Paris 13th District"), Gilbert Melki ("Would I lie to you"), Sérigne M’Baye ("Hero Corp"), Mourad Boudaoud ("Mama Weed"), Raphaël Quenard ("Final Cut"), Sébastien Chassagne ("The Speech"), Léonie Simaga ("The Eddy") and Yann Papin ("Bullit and Riper"). The film’s theatrical release in France will be managed by Haut et Court and international sales by France tv distribution.

The future of a primary school in a Parisian suburb is under threat when a brand new, fancy school springs up right next door. Principal Zahia fears she’ll lose what little social diversity she has left. She decides to team up with Marion; a young and inexperienced but committed teacher. Together they plan to turn their endangered establishment into the very first suburban green school to attract the new local residents.