8 DIC 2020


The upfront, "New Generation: Turkish Series," featured cast members and directors of the series, discussed the differences between production for digital platforms. The speakers agreed that production for digital platforms allows flexibility and strengthens the aspect of storytelling.


Inter Medya hosted its presentation “New Generation: Turkish Series,” in which it showcased a catalog of mini-series, which include "Respect," Interrupted," and "Naked." The speakers also discussed the advantages of producing for a digital platform versus television, along with various perspectives of the Turkish drama codes. The upfront was moderated by Ahmet Ziyalar, President and COO of Inter Medya, and featured cast members Miray Daner, Boran Kuzum, Dilan Çiçek Deniz, Burak Deniz, and director Ali Taner Baltacı. Each series presented has between six and ten episodes, lasting a duration of 25-60 minutes per episode.

One of the highlights of the event is “Naked". In the show, Eylül lives with her grandmother and earns her living by escorting. All she wants is to save enough money, move to Wales, and start a new life there. One night, she is invited to a bachelor party of a group of friends who find her on Instagram. Eylül falls in love with the groom Cem, who is counting the days to marry his classy girlfriend. Cem is also attracted to Eylül. After that night, Cem and Eylül’s lives begin to collide with one another.

Another series mentioned in the upfront was “Interrupted.” According to starring actor Deniz, one of the biggest differences between production for a digital platform versus TV is that the pace is much slower and not as demanding. Burak Deniz agrees and says the production style allows more flexibility and creativity, resulting in quality productions, and new TV formats show a clearer vision of what productions will look like in the future. The series tells the story of a woman whose fiance dies but later reincarnates into the body of someone else. If he finds out the truth about his occurrences, he will die once again. “I see it as a collective accomplishment,” said Deniz.

“Respect,” produced by Inter Medya, was created in the pre-production stage where the upfront was hosted. Baltaci described the project as an “eight-part movie” and said its narration is fast-paced, with clear visuals that resemble a movie versus a series. The show was not filmed in chronological order, but rather location convenience. Though the pandemic presented difficulties, it gave the staff time to execute technical planning and produce the show in 11-12 weeks with no room for breaks as a result of the delay.

The director and cast members also agreed that production for digital platforms strengthens the aspect of storytelling. “It offers freedom and certainty about projects that create a wave of opportunity,” Boran said. The two young characters showcased in the crime story appeal to young audiences while reflecting real-life stories that occur in Turkey. It tells the layered story of Ercüment Çözer’s world, as well as the young lovers Savaş and Helen.