13 JUL 2023

Italy promotes the 75th Prix Italia Festival supported by Rai

The event is open to all broadcaster organisations, both private and public service and this year, over 250 programmes will compete with a participation of more than 80 international broadcasters.

13 JUL 2023

Prix Italia Festival

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Italy is promoting the 75th Prix Italia Festival to be held in Bari from 2 to 6 October, with over 250 programmes in competition and the participation of more than 80 international broadcasters. Supported by Rai, the event continues to offer a unique panorama of quality productions, "taking the pulse" of the trends and innovations of broadcasters from all over the world, and inevitably reflecting the zeitgeist and sentiment of an increasingly more globalised audience. As expected, the war topic is still very present this year, in the news stories and in the in-dept analysis of its social and cultural implications.

At the same time, the easing of the pandemic emergency has brought back a strong desire for sociality and culture - music, performing arts, innovation and entertainment are expressed as never before in the selection of productions received. Great attention to sustainability issues, both from the point of view of the productions and the topics covered, also thanks to the Prix Italia/Ifad/Copeam Special Prize, which this year attracted a particularly rich and diversified variety of programmes.

More than 80 professionals and insiders from all over the world, selected by the participating broadcasters within the Prix community, will spend the summer evaluating and selecting the submitted productions, before meeting in person in Bari. There is a change this year in the selection of shortlisted programmes: 3 finalists for each category, which will be published at the beginning of September and will be available for the audience to watch and listen to during the week of the event.

The finalist productions will be presented and reviewed during the festival, and the jurors will choose the winners only at the end of a discussion open to all, with the producers, directors, protagonists of the programmes, with the challenge of bringing together international excellence and to appeal to the general public.

“The figures of this 75th edition tell us about a Competition that has been able to renew itself by becoming ever more global, topical and engaging. Our Festival – as the Secretary General of the Prix Italia Chiara Longo Bifano explains - was also chosen by Rai as a pilot project for the production of ESG sustainable live events, starting a process to progressively reduce the impact on the environment, in symbiosis with the gorgeous territory of Puglia."