The consulting company has selected eight different kids fresh formats alongside thirteen adult formats during its MIPTV presentation. The CEO of the company, Virginia Mouseler, has, also presented the freshest fiction content for this year.


The Wit had its traditional presentation at MIPTV. Virginia Mouseler, CEO at the company, has revealed the Fresh TV formats for kids, adults, and the latest fiction series to global buyers. "We have selected the kid's content based on keywords, diversity, inclusion, and mental health," explained Moulseler.

The first kids formats chosen by The Wit are "Super Sema", an African animated series distributed by Kukua; "The Adventures of Tumeke Space" (5x23') a Sci Fi animation series produced by Mukpuddy Animation in New Zealand; "The Knights of Castelcorvo" (15x25'), the first Italian series produced for Disney+ and distributed by Stand By Me; "Camp Kookiness" (8x30'), a musical live action comedy series distributed by NL Films (Banijay); "Pubertest Camp" (16x5'), a short form fiction distributed by NRK; "Stripped Down" (8x25') an adaptation of a Danish format where school children (11-12 years old) meet 5 naked adults who answer their questions about their bodies; "Mikki V. The World" (15x30'); a factual entertainment series distributed by ABC Commercial (Australia); "Operation Awesome", a Spoke Studios' production that helps people to launch their initiatives, and finally two productions distributed by All3Media International, a reality competition "Make-Up-Cup" (25' with a second season commissioned) and the game show "The Faker'' (27x25').

For adults, The Wit selected the young-adult dramas "Generation" (16x30') produced by Warner Bros. (USA); "Delete me" (7x25') from Norway distributed by Federation Entertainment; the Norway/Sweden drama "After Party" (8x20') distributed by Banijay; from Germany the series "We Children From Banhof Zoo" (8x50') distributed by Fremantle and based on a book and movie from the 70s-80s telling Christiane F's biography. Also from Germany, The Wit presented "Echos" (6x60') distributed by Beta Film; alongside the French "Girlsquad" (10x22') distributed by France.tv Distribution; the Spanish "Paraiso" (7x50') from Movistar+ and distributed by The Mediapro Studios Distribution; from the Netherlands, the "Mocro Maffia" spin-off "Mocro Maffia: Komtgoed" (7x5') distributed for Dutch Features.

In the same adults' formats section, The Wit also has shown adult animations based on mental health concepts and being well. From the UK, Mouseler presented "Reset and Rewind" (5x4') produced by TAOD/Mother's best child; from India, "The Legend Of Hanuman" (13x25'), produced by Graphic India and premiered on Disney+ and "Bombay Rose'' (1x93'), an animation movie distributed by Cinestaan International. From the USA, The Wii selected "Dogs playing poker" produced by Fox Entertainment, and from Russia, "Happy End"(8x57') distributed by Art Pictures Distribution. 

Regarding the freshest TV fiction content, Virginia Mouseler pointed out that in the last MIPTV 2020, the trend was "We May Survive," and today, "we are all survivors in this tough era," affirmed Mouseler. "Now I feel that the series that defines the era is 'It's a sin' (distributed by All3Media). "I found it the most tragic and moving series this season. It tells stories of survivors but is also stories of liberation", she asserted.

In this section, The Wit also selected the true-crime series "The Pembrokeshire Murders" (3x60') hit in the UK distributed by ITV Studios; "Clarice" distributed by MGM Studios (USA) and tells the personal story of Clarice Starling, FBI agent who interviewed Hannibal Lecter;  the true crime story "The Serpent" (8x60'), hit in the UK and distributed by ITV Studios; the French true-crime drama "The Showdown" (2x45') distributed by Newen Content; the French drama "The Promise" ( 6x60') also distributed by Newen Content; the Russian killer series "The Red Ripper"(8x50')  based on real facts and distributed by Okko Studios.

In a different genre, The Wit has shown "Line in the sand" (8x60'), a hit series in Israel distributed by Keshet International; also coming from Israel the series "Nafas" (10x35') distributed by DGB Films; "The Shadow Team" (100x45') a hit series in Turkey distributed by Mistco; "Parot" (10x45') a Spanish series distributed by ViacomCBS International Studios. From Italy, The Wit choose "Lolita Lobosco" (4x90'), a hit title in Italy distributed by RAI Com; also from RAI Com "Il Commissario Ricciardi" (6x90'), it’s also a great success in Italy and "Leonardo" (8x60' and 2 seasons commissioned), an European coproduction distributed by Sony Pictures Television. From Germany, The Wit selected "Unbroken" (6x45'), a hit series in Germany distributed by ZDF Enterprise; a drama "8 Witnesses" (8x25') distributed by Fremantle. Coming from Belgium and Netherlands is "Red Light" (10x55'), a hit series in the Netherlands distributed by Federation Entertainment; from Australia, "Bump" (10x30' with a 2 season commissioned), an SVOD hit series in Australia distributed by ITV Studios and the last one from Brazil, "A Life To Die For" (161x40') distributed by Globo.