17 OCT 2019


Videos of production ‘Where My Heart Is’ presented on the panel that highlights television trends.


The Globo series "Where My Heart Is" was chosen among the products launched at Mipcom 2019 and had excerpts displayed during the Fresh TV Fiction panel this Wednesday, October 16th. Organized by Virginia Mouseler, CEO of The Wit, an agency specialized in TV show surveys all over the world that is a reference in the market – the panel shows news and trends of audiovisual entertainment for TV.

It was the third consecutive year in which Globo productions were highlighted and shown as upcoming entertainment products at the panel. Last year, the limited series "Harassment" and the series "Iron Island" drew the attention of the organizers. In 2017, the chosen series was "Under Pressure", about the routine of a group of physicians in a public hospital without resources in Rio de Janeiro. Marjorie Estiano, one of the protagonists in the plot, is among the nominees for the 2019 International Emmy Awards, in the “Best Actress” category for her performance on season two.

The limited series "Where My Heart Is" is an intense drama about a brilliant and idealist high-middle class doctor who enters the dark world of drug addiction, looking for love and affection. The plot is the premiere of Luísa Lima in artistic direction, bringing female sensitivity to the drama written by George Moura and Sergio Goldenberg. The limited series also has on its team the supervising director José Villamarim.

The highlighted production is part of the series catalog that Globo will showcase during Mipcom, which also brings "Unsoul:, "Second Call", the third season of "Under Pressure", the second season of "Iron Island" and "Aruanas", a series written by Estela Renner and Marcos Nisti, with collaboration of Pedro de Barros, the result of a partnership between Globo and Maria Farinha Films. With 10 episodes, the series discusses the need to protect the Amazon rainforest and its local communities, besides the important work of activists in this context.

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