22 APR 2024

SIC and Opto's "Lucia of Fatima” won Bronze at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards

The award belongs to the Streaming Drama category. The title belongs to OPTO, the SIC streaming platform.

22 APR 2024

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The New York Festivals TV & Film Awards gave the bronze award to the production "Lucía of Fátima" during the announcement of the 2024 competition winners. The prize corresponds to the "Streaming Drama" category. The title belongs to the OPTO streaming platform from Portugal's SIC. The New York Festivals TV & Film Awards brings together the world's best productions from the television and film industry.

Produced by Coral, "Lucia of Fatima" is an original idea by Manuel Arouca, with a screenplay by Raquel Palermo and Vera Sacramento and directed by Jorge Paixão da Costa. "It is always a pride to receive a prestigious international award with one of our productions. 'Lucia de Fatima' is a high-quality mini-series that tries to trace the entire journey from the girl to the old woman behind the religious figure. A Cora production for SIC's Opto with a line a little different from the platform's general approach. It was broadcast on free TV due to the visit of His Holiness Pope Francis for the Youth Days in Lisbon. Recognition can also help us develop some attention from programming professionals from other countries so that they can consider it for their screens. It is also possible to be broadcast as a film," Carlota Vieira, SIC's Content Sales Deputy Director, stated.

This three-episode mini-series follows the journey of a girl behind a cherished religious figure. During her childhood, Lucia was imprisoned, subjected to cruel interrogations, separated from her family, and denied the right to her own identity. The Fatima prophet resisted everything to keep the story alive. SIC's platform offers a wide range of Portuguese television content. This translates to over 9,000 hours of content, ranging from entertainment programs like movies, series, and soap operas to documentaries and news segments. "Due to the Catholic theme inherent in the story, it is estimated that its potential is closer to countries in Europe and Latin America. For the Catholic community, the visionaries of Fatima are very well known, and here we are going to understand the life of the prophet who resisted the longest through Madalena, a fictional character who, after a dramatic personal story, becomes her assistant. With this character, we also understand the evolution and changes in the world during the 20th century, and it also allows us to capture the attention of different audiences and the entire family," Vieira added.