The Kitchen to participate in Kidscreen to attend children’s industry needs

Dina Behar, VP Business Development for the company, will be available for meetings with clients during the San Diego market.

25 JAN 2024

Dina Behar

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Dina Behar, who has bee The Kitchen’s VP Business Development for the past three years, will be attending Kidscreen, the market that will take place from February 4 to 7 in San Diego. “Kidscreen is the perfect return to business for me,” Behar explained, “since so very much of our daily dubbing requests come from the kids segments globally. I’ll be meeting with clients, colleagues, several of our esteemed group of Global Influencers and more, in San Diego. Even in the few months that I’ve been OOO, the children’s industry has grown, and much of it has to do with Fast Channels, Youtube and an expansion of well-known IP’s across the board.”

For nearly 23 years, The Kitchen has been a leader in the language localizing of children’s content. “One of the biggest changes in the kids arena is the division and classification of age appropriate programming for specific age groups: teens, pre-teens, pre-school; grade school and even newborns, for example. That obviously opens up numerous opportunities for our business,” Behar added.

Kids programming is developing in the music arena as well, with hi-demand for everything from ditties, to nursery rhymes, to operatic ballads, to rap. “We have several music directors on our team, in all of our studios internationally, and most of our regular artistic dubbing directors are musicians or singers, so it’s a win-win in creativity from our end.”

Dina is based in the Los Angeles area. The Kitchen has its headquarters in Miami, Florida, with a European “hub” in Madrid, and studios throughout LATAM, Europe and the Middle East.