27 JAN 2023

“50/50 Heroes”, a hilarious mix between superheroes and comedy

Cédric Frémeaux, director of the animated series and Raphaelle Mathieu, Executive Vice President Cyber Group Studios analyse the co-viewing potential of the show and reveal its success on free and pay TV broadcasters.


Cédric Frémeaux and Raphaelle Mathieu


Cyber Group Studios boosted its new animation comedy series “50/50 Heroes” in the frame of Unifrance Rendez-Vous Paris. The 52x11’ 2D-HD show aims at children from 6 to 10 years old and follows the adventures of Mo and Sam, aged 11 and 9 that inherited some powers but, being half-siblings, they’re going to have to share these powers down the middle. "Pierre Sissmann asked Cyber Group's creative team to find a unique universe and stories about superheroes," said Cédric Frémeaux, director of series to Señal News. "We wanted to talk about superpowers and superheroes in a comedic way," added Raphaelle Mathieu, Executive Vice President Cyber Group Studios.

“50/50 Heroes” is based on an original idea of Romain Gadiou and Chloé Sastre, co-writers of Cyber Group Studios’ “Mirette Investigates” and “Tom Sawyer” animated series. Graphic designs have been made by two key artists Yann de Preval for character designs and Anthony Vivien for the backgrounds.

The first season of “50/50 Heroes” was already premiered on France Télevisions, ITV in the UK, K2 in Italy and the program has also been sold to Disney Channel Germany and Eastern Europe; YLE Finland; Cartoon Network Asia; Disney Japan; Discovery Latin America; RTBF (Belgium) and TG4 (Irland). "That shows the global appeal of the series on private and public broadcasters," commented Raphaelle Mathieu.

Due to this great global beginning, a second season could be a real thing. "When we launch a show, we always hope that it can grow and become a success and have more seasons, but it will depend on the discussion we will have soon with the broadcaster", explained the EVP at Cyber Group Studios.

Besides bringing fun to kids and families and “50/50 Heroes” has underlying deepness and elements that are really strong. "The series explains that in life, you have to get along and help each other to succeed. In ‘50/50 Heroes’ half brothers and sisters need to be in agreement with each other to make the superpower works," she appointed.

Taking into account the tough moments world is living in, watch content that is able to making laugh the whole family together is like a miracle. "I'm here to make the audience laugh, it is important kids have a good time in front of the TV", stated the director.

Raphaelle Mathieu also admitted the political and health issues the world is currently living and affirmed, "that's why in most of our series there's always a comedic aspect of it. We truly believe that comedy is one of the best way to send messages". The Cyber Group Studios executive also said that when things are tough, "we need to be able to laugh together."

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