7 FEB 2024

El Reino Infantil, the expansion path to new global screens

Pablo Lacroix, Digital Director at El Reino Infantil, explains the company's business strategy for Latin America, Europe, and the US, not just with flagship series like "La Granja de Zenon" but also with new projects such as "Pili Pilota" and "Wadoo."


Pablo Lacroix


After a successful experience at Content Americas, where El Reino Infantil explored new business opportunities in the Hispanic markets of the USA and Latin America, the leading kid's company embarks on an exciting year full of possibilities driven by last year's achievements. "Just as we have succeeded on digital platforms, we have devised our global strategy to expand our presence on various screens, such as Roku and Kidoodle in the USA and Latin America, covering both English and Spanish languages, Pluto TV in Spain, and VIX in the USA, Latin America, and Brazil. In all of these, we have achieved an impressive viewing time comparable to what we have attained on YouTube," commented Pablo Lacroix, Digital Director at El Reino Infantil, in an exclusive chat with Señal News.

A significant milestone was the launch of El Reino Infantil on Clan TV, the children's channel of Spanish public television, which achieved excellent audience ratings. Last November, "Bartolito: Una aventura Emplumada" premiered on HBO Max with outstanding results, reinforcing the company's strategic focus in Europe, with Spain as the main entry point to continue consolidating audience growth across all platforms, and in Italy, with a steadily growing audience each month, El Reino Infantil has surpassed one million subscribers on the YouTube channel: "Il Regno dei Bambini." "We are open to partnerships with key European players to strengthen our presence on the continent further," he affirmed. "We are strategically expanding into the dynamic markets of Asia-Pacific. A noteworthy achievement is the recent launch of a Hindi channel in India, marking the tenth language added to our extensive catalog," Lacroix added.

Drawing upon El Reino Infantil's data intelligence expertise derived from analyzing their audience across platforms like YouTube and Social Media. "We are strategically implementing FAST channels to ensure our presence on more screens and devices, aiming to maximize our reach and meet the demands of our audience," said the executive. Furthermore, El Reino Infantil's acclaimed flagship IPs like "La Granja de Zenon," "Bichikids," and "Zoo Songs" remain in continuous production, catering to the demands of its broad audience across YouTube, television networks, and platforms, acquiring our extensive catalog.

At Kidscreen, El Reino Infantil will unveil the projects of two new IPs: "Pili Pilota" and "Wadoo." "This is an exciting opportunity for industry insiders to join us in the enthusiasm surrounding these new productions. Both programs have undergone a development phase that included the creation of six pilot episodes, ensuring their suitability for all audiences and territories," anticipated Lacroix. "Pili Pilota" follows the imaginative adventures of Pili, a girl who explores different corners of the world in her imaginary plane. On the other hand, "Wadoo" is an innovative series set in a magical world inhabited by mythological creatures who attend a unique preschool center focused on environmental conservation. "We are focused on forming strategic partnerships in key territories such as Latin America, the United States, and Europe. This approach allows us to establish a strong presence in these markets, particularly for our ongoing projects, including a feature film, more consumer products (open to collaboration with other toy experts), and even a theme park. We are very interested in collaborating with companies through innovative models such as co-production, investment, distribution, and other avenues that align with our vision and goals," he concluded.

By Romina Rodriguez