13 JUN 2024

Josef Pallwein-Prettner: "’Rookie Robot’ was created by kids for kids”

The Director, Producer, and CEO at Sine Lege Film describes the series' second season's global potential while defining its story's central values.

13 JUN 2024

Josef Pallwein-Prettner

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Sine Lege Film attended Annecy MIFA with the brand-new second season of "Rookie Robot Explores the World," which has 52 three-minute episodes available. Señal News spoke with Josef Pallwein-Prettner, Director, Producer, and CEO at Sine Lege Film, who described the global potential of this new launch.

What are the main highlights of "Rookie Robot Explores the World" second season?
"This second season of 'Rookie Robot' has become even more colorful and fun. Our show is about a little friendly bot and his adventures and was created by kids and for kids. Rookie is special and so easy for kids to relate to because both characters and stories are developed from original kids' drawings and ideas. That's a huge difference from most programs on the market: when kids watch shows, they usually see something totally out of reach regarding their abilities. With Rookie Robot, they see something they could have made themselves, and we can tell from their faces that this is intriguing and attractive and makes it very relatable and easy to follow, and even recreate, as the fan art we receive proves."

What central values are highlighted in "Rookie Robot Explores the World"?
"The show focuses on values like friendliness, openness, curiosity, friendship, patience as well as perseverance, responsibility, and respect for self and others, while it also promotes care for each other and our environment, every living being, and our beautiful planet."

The show's first season was sold to Canada, Korea, Austria, Estonia, Spain, and Portugal, and MetaMedia has announced recent sales to DR, NRK, and Kidoo. How would you explain the show's global impact?
"Rookie stands for important universal values that are easy to understand for all of us, not only kids. Stories focusing on creativity and problem-solving are inspiring and fun and demonstrate that education and social behavior can be translated into funny and cheeky cartoon adventures. Drawing and music are universal languages and connect all of us without borders. The fact that Rookie is non-dialogue with no dubbing required makes it even easier to transfer worldwide."

What would the series' following international business goals be?
"Rookie has solid international potential, with the first season already available in several countries, so we are now looking to roll it out internationally further. Our distributor, Meta Media, is thrilled with the new season and looks forward to showing it to new buyers at Annecy MIFA. The new season makes it even more attractive to buyers, and they already have deals in discussion, which we will announce shortly. We are also planning to launch toys and print products as well as educational games, both online and offline, and for all of that, we are looking for ambitious partners who are interested in further international development together with us."

By Romina Rodriguez