Annecy MIFA 2024: Brazilian animation, the power of a global hotspot

The Brazilian delegation for Annecy MIFA has a strong presence and different business goals. Executives from attending companies describe their growth objectives for the event.

11 JUN 2024

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Brazilian Content is a specialized non-profit program that aims to promote new opportunities for co-production and export of audiovisual content and new media for independent Brazilian producers. Created in 2004 through a partnership between Brasil Audiovisual Independente (BRAVI), the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), and the Audiovisual Secretariat, the program currently has 115 member companies in all five regions of Brazil. For Annecy MIFA, the Brazilian delegation will have a strong presence and different business goals.

“Spirit Animation's expectation in returning to MIFA for another year is to meet once again existing contacts and to start new business relations through the incredible networking that Annecy allows us, with its incredible lake and Old Town.”

"We currently have five series and one feature film in development, and we are actively seeking international partnerships. In today's globalized world, financing comes from various fonts and players worldwide. Because of that, it is crucial to produce content that appeals to an international audience. That is where MIFA plays a pivotal role. It provides the perfect platform to improve our global networking, find new partnerships, and continue conversations from previous events, elevating our growth expectations. So, we have high expectations for the event, mainly to meet new people, new partners, and new friends and produce Brazilian Content for the world."

"Being present at MIFA with our film 'Abah and his band' and with spin-off projects with the same intellectual property is an opportunity to find space in the international market and expand our business. Holding meetings with sales agents and buyers will help us understand the real market value of our film. Our interest also expands in prospecting for funds, co-producers, and investors to finance our TV series, streaming, game, and music projects for YouTube with the same IP. We will certainly take an important step forward in the growth of our company."

"We are starting a robust internationalization plan for Oz Produtora, and participating in MIFA for the first time is an important step towards taking our projects and the Oz brand to other countries. We were selected to participate in 'Meet the Buyers,' and we are excited about the opportunity. We already have meetings with global buyers, which could open doors for current and future projects. It's the chance we needed to start relationships that could mature and result in excellent partnerships and projects."

"Animaking Studio is seeking strategic partnerships to produce and distribute content. Animaking will be presenting, for the first time, the pitching deck for its second stop-motion animated feature film in pre-production, titled 'Vicky.' This project includes the American co-production company Verité Entertainment, art by Grangel Studio (Corpse Bride, Pinocchio, The Pirates), and a screenplay by Chris Jenkins (Surf's Up). We are also looking for distribution for its fourth 3D-animated series, 'Past in Time.' The series is set in a magical museum, with each episode exploring a different historical civilization. It consists of 20 episodes, each 13 minutes long, totaling 260 minutes of animation. The series was produced using Animaking's proprietary software Animaction, which features real-time rendering based on a game engine."

"As it's my first time in Annecy, and I'm launching the pilot of my first animated kids' project, my idea is much more about exchanging experiences with those who have been in the market much longer than I have, rather than expecting big deals to be made. For first-timers, undertaking a major animation project without considering the possibility of co-production is too risky, so the idea is to connect with studios whose projects resonate with mine."

"Thanks to the support from Spcine, this will be our first time participating in MIFA, and we are very excited. We expect to understand better the current global panorama of the animation market, its trends, and new technologies, and to establish contact with executives and artists, especially from Europe and Latin America."

"For Tortuga Studios, participating in MIFA is essential to consolidate its growth strategy for international co-productions. Today, we have co-productions with Spain, Mexico, and the US, which resulted in various award nominations, such as the Goya and Platinum. We aim to continue strengthening relations with other countries, thus seeking new business opportunities and cultural exchanges."

"44 Toons is a very active studio in the international market. We are the creators of the first Brazilian series aired on USA television. Even so, MIFA was never our main market for presenting our projects. The market is changing a lot, and I see Annecy transforming into a special market for quality animation projects and shows. I hope to find coproducers and new broadcasters to expand our awareness."

"Animation has always been an industry where remote work played a big part and even more so after the pandemic. In a time when most of the work is done online, meeting places like MIFA are necessary to remind us that we are all much more than our virtual selves. We expect to expand our networking with international companies and share experiences to understand the industry's current state better. We are also looking for coproducers for the projects we bring to the market, including 'Hurricanimals,' which is part of the official MIFA Pitches."

"Our most significant objective is to further internationalize Lanterna Mágica - International Animation Festival. We aim to create connections and ties with international directors, distributors, and producers, expanding our production capacity."

"MIFA is one of the most important events in the animation market and is crucial for maintaining our presence. At this particular time, our participation is even more relevant due to our recent expansion into Canada and the increase in our feature film and gaming projects, such as 'Among The Stars.' Being present at MIFA will allow us to strengthen connections, present our new initiatives, and explore collaboration opportunities that will further drive our growth and innovation. We hope to find co-production, distribution, publishing, and pre-sales."

"This is our first time attending MIFA and the Annecy Festival, thanks to the support from Spcine. We plan to meet new companies and potential partners, expand our contacts in the international market, present our projects, and learn about what is coming in the animation industry all around the globe."

By Diego Alfagemez