10 NOV 2023

Luca Milano: “The main values spread in RAI Kids' content are inclusion, sustainability, and children's well-being"

The Head of Rai Kids sets the acquisition and production strategy for the leading Italian player for kid's content while remarking on the brand's values, locally and internationally.

10 NOV 2023

Luca Milano

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Rai Kids offers free-to-access content for Italian-speaking children and families on the linear channels Rai Yoyo and Rai Gulp. That programming is also available on the non-linear offer on Rai Play, the children's app Rai Play Yoyo, and slots on Rai's mainstream channels. Señal News spoke with Luca Milano, Head of Rai Kids, to describe the strategy of these brands.

How would you define the acquisition strategy for the linear channels of Rai Kids and its digital platform, Rai Play?
"The acquisition strategy for the linear channels of Rai Kids and its digital platform, Rai Play, and app Rai Play Yoyo focuses on providing a diverse and inclusive range of content for Italian-speaking children and families while entertaining kids with worldwide successful international shows. Rai Kids acquires a variety of Italian productions, European co-productions, and globally acclaimed series to offer a well-rounded selection of programming."

What new Rai Kids originals are you launching this fall season?
"Some of Rai Kids' new originals we launch this fall season include new episodes of 'Pinocchio and Friends,' a modern-day Italian adaptation celebrating the 140th anniversary of Carlo Collodi's 'The Adventures of Pinocchio.' Other new shows are 'Grisù,' a series featuring a young dragon aspiring to become a firefighter, and 'The Sound Collector' (Il Cercasuoni), a series about a partially deaf boy passionate about recording nature's noises. We will also have 'Lampadino e Caramella,' an inclusive TV series combining animation with sign language, 'Acqua Team Adventures at Sea,' a TV special promoting marine conservation, and 'Pipo, Pepa &Pop,' an animated series introducing economic concepts and teamwork. Moreover, we will launch 'Hello Kitty: Super Style!' featuring the iconic character from Sanrio and 'OGM Travel Agency,' set in a futuristic Earth, focusing on responsible behavior and environmental conservation."

What central values do you want to reflect in RAI Kids' content?
"The main values spread in Rai Kids' content are inclusion, sustainability, and children's well-being. We promote these values through programming that empowers children. We focus on autism, dyslexia, nutrition, encouraging responsible behavior, and introducing economic and scientific concepts. Additionally, Rai Kids supports book reading with many products based on literary works and specific projects."

What are the latest co-productions you have developed?
"RAI Kids supports around 50 TV series for kids at different stages of development and production. Many of those are international co-productions, often together with other European public broadcasters. Our main partners are France (from the Street Football collection to the new Alex Player's series about e-sports, to several other Italian-french co-productions), Germany ('Grisou'), Spain ('Annie and Carola), and recently also the UK, notably with BBC ('Home Sweet Rome' live-action 'Super Happy Magic Forest' animation)."

How would you describe the current context of Italian animation?
"Italian animation had an incredible growth in the past years. RAI is traditionally the main sponsor of Italian animation, but the increased tax credit for the sector and other regional subsidies played a huge role, too. Italian production is more attractive to the rest of the world, and we noticed an increase in international co-productions. While great ideas and successful concepts are coming out from Italian studios, Rai Kids has been offering great support to producers by facilitating the dialogue with other European broadcasters and big industry players. We collaborate with Italian and international media companies to create engaging and meaningful content for our audience. We have a new dynamic and creative landscape for Italian animation and children's programming, so we have great expectations for the future."

By Romina Rodriguez and Diego Alfagemez