4 MAY 2020


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, NEM Dubrovnik cannot be held this June in Dubrovnik and the organization decided to join that event togeher with the one in Zagreb, that will take place in December.


In the midst of the pandemic which the whole world is grappling with, the organizators of NEM Dubrovnik informed that the event cannot be held this June in the city of Dubrovnik. "We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and, in the hope of a better tomorrow, we will joint our NEM Dubrovnik to our event in Zagreb - we present NEM Dubrovnik Meets Zagreb," they announced. The new event  will take place from December 9th to 11th 2020.

Sanja Božić Ljubičić, owner of the Mediavision company, a full-service TV partner specialising in communication, acquisition and distribution services in the TV industry, which is also organising the event, stated: "The current uncertain situation on the global level has prevented the organisation of the event planned for June in Dubrovnik as the traditional venue. We have made this decision in the hope that the situation in the world will stabilise by December. We are pleased to see the joining of the summer and winter editions of NEM into a single event - NEM Dubrovnik Meets Zagreb,"

The event will bring together representatives from Pay TV channels, FTA channels, streaming services, telecom operators and providers of various television services, as well as numerous creative individuals, actors, producers, directors, screenwriters and others involved in the audio-visual industry of the CEE region seeking new knowledge and ways to develop their skills.

All the elements of the classic NEM Dubrovnik and NEM Zagreb events will be covered. Each day will be filled with panel discussions and presentations by some of the leaders in the TV industry in the world, laying out the direction of its future development, presentations of new projects and enabling us to share their broad experience. Some of the leading television companies have been choosing.

There will also be workshops headed by professionals who have made a name for themselves with careers abroad: creative screenwriters will reveal the secret of successful screenplays; professional team leaders will show us how to bring together a quality team and how to manage it. The workshops will also provide insight into the legal aspects of the television business: from managing TV rights, financing and sales to advice on protecting intellectual property.

We are pleased to see the joining of the summer and winter editions of NEM into a single event - NEM Dubrovnik Meets Zagreb” Sanja Božić Ljubičić Owner of the Mediavision