28 MAY 2020


According to ANICA, associations of workers, artists, cinematographic, and audiovisual production companies and authors have signed the safety protocol which foresees the procedures to be adopted during all phases of the production.


Associations of workers, artists, cinematographic, and audiovisual production companies and authors have signed in Italy a new sanitary protocol for all the stages of the work, from the offices to the set, according to ANICA (Associazione Nazionale Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive e Multimediali).

The document is the result of intense discussion and is the summary of the proposals that emerged from the various categories, in the wake of what has already been indicated in the health protocol shared on April 24 by the Government and the Social Partners, Employers' Associations and Organizations workers' unions, and current workplace safety regulations.

The protocol details the behaviors, the responsibilities, the procedures to be adopted, the tools to be used to avoid the possibility of contagion from Covid-19 in the delicate phase of production recovery, in particular on the sets.

Rigor and common sense have guided the parties in finding the most suitable solutions - in the light of current knowledge, specific skills for each department, and recommendations of the scientific community - to guarantee safety in the work processes of cine-audiovisual production.

The shutdown of all sets in March was a choice of responsibility for all the operators involved and the shared rules for shooting testify to the belief that you can work safely on sets.

The health of each person was at the center of the interest of all parties involved, who confirm their intention to return to work immediately, highlighting the ability of the sector, in all its components, to contribute to the growth of material and immaterial well-being of the country.

The protocol will now be submitted to the institutions in charge on the basis of current legislation.

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