13 JUN 2024

Nimrod Avraham-May: "God's Gang is a dynamic franchise that embraces cultural diversity"

The CEO of God's Gang, defines its animated IP, which aims to bring together children from all over the world, spreading a message of peace and unity.

13 JUN 2024

Nimrod Avraham-May

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"God's Gang" is an animated kids' series that brings together four heroes from different religions who go on adventures around the world, promoting a message of peace and unity. Nimrod Avraham-May, CEO of God's Gang, talked to Señal News and explained the potential of the IP in a very conflicted global landscape.

How difficult is it to develop narratives that inspire, entertain, and unite people in a turbulent global context?
"In today's climate of unprecedented polarisation, media outlets often prioritize sensationalism over fostering unity and understanding. However, when we take the time to delve into the depths of individuals' hearts and minds, we find a stark contrast to the divisive narratives portrayed by the media. The vast majority of people around the globe yearn for peace, harmony, and cooperation among all nations and communities. As we grow and increase our recognition and influence, we remain steadfast in our commitment to building a better world from the grassroots up. We believe in the power of collective action and the inherent goodness within humanity. As we continue to grow and expand our reach, we are confident that more and more individuals will join us in our shared mission to foster a healthier, more united global community."

"God's Gang" features multicultural and multinational characters. How could the series help children from all over the world?
"'God's Gang' isn't merely a series; it's a dynamic franchise that knows no bounds, embracing cultural diversity and transcending borders through exhilarating superhero escapades. With characters drawn from Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and beyond, we offer children a tapestry of relatable role models embodying courage, teamwork, resilience, and fortitude. Our stories resonate universally, imparting essential messages that inspire children to recognize the shared values that unite us all, irrespective of cultural or religious backgrounds. In a world where peace and unity often seem elusive, 'God's Gang' reminds young audiences that these ideals are attainable and inherent within humanity, waiting to be embraced and celebrated."

What lessons could the content industry learn from an innovative kids' IP?
"With over a million subscribers and followers spanning YouTube, TikTok, and various social media platforms, our rapid audience growth underscores the vast potential for children's content brands to challenge conventional industry paradigms and engage diverse audiences through imaginative storytelling. That shows that content is 'King and Queen". With the right motivating, powerful messages, we have built our following on YouTube without needing a traditional platform. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity has distinguished us within the market and will open doors to lucrative merchandising and licensing ventures. As our characters capture the hearts and imaginations of fans worldwide, we anticipate them becoming cherished icons, driving revenue and brand visibility beyond the confines of the digital realm. This early success serves as a testament to the hunger for fresh, inclusive narratives and paves the way for further expansion into uncharted territories of entertainment and engagement."

Having built a YouTube-first kids' brand, how has God's Gang gathered millions of views and 600k followers on YouTube?
"Our strategic focus on YouTube as our primary platform has been pivotal in cultivating a loyal fanbase and igniting enthusiasm for our content. Through good, positive storytelling on digital channels, we've forged connections with millions of viewers globally, nurturing a vibrant online community that awaits each new episode. This digital footprint amplifies our brand's reach and synergizes with our merchandising and licensing plans, providing fans with distinctive avenues to interact with God's Gang beyond conventional media boundaries. Once established, God's Gang aims to expand into longer time-length episodes suitable for linear TV, mobile, and beyond. God's Gang will live on multiple screens, even in movies and games like 'Roblox.' Most importantly, everything will promote peace, unity, shared values, and commitments."

By Romina Rodriguez