22 MAY 2024

Prayan Animation co-founders: "We wanted to make a mark in the animation industry"

Prayan Animation Studio is turning 12 this month. For this occasion, Señal News interviewed company's co-founders Vinayan Prayan (CEO) and Remesh Ram Prayan (MD) about the prolific journey the Animation Studio has done during more than a decade.

22 MAY 2024

Remesh Ram Prayan and Vinayan Prayan

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Prayan is a creative animation studio with an expert team of creators, artists, designers, strategists and producers who have a stellar reputation of delivering top concepts with the central focus on quality of execution to the very last detail. This month is turning 12 year, so Señal News talked with Prayan Co-Founders Vinayan Prayan (CEO) and Remesh Ram Prayan (MD) about the lessons learnt during these years.

What inspired the founding of Prayan Animation Studio twelve years ago?
"The birth of Prayan Animation Studio twelve years ago was a tale of friendship and shared dreams between myself (Vinayan. V, CEO) and Remesh Ram (Managing Director). The name "Prayan," meaning "Journey," perfectly encapsulates our story - from being classmates in an animation course to becoming business partners. Both of us kicked off our careers as animators, gaining valuable experience with some big names in the Indian animation scene. But deep down, we always nursed the dream of building something of our own. The turning point came when we returned to our home state of Kerala after years of working elsewhere. It felt like the perfect moment to take the leap and start our own studio. We wanted to make a mark in the animation industry, especially in our own state, and give back to the community of animation enthusiasts here. So, Prayan Animation Studio was born out of our shared passion and determination to create something special."

How does Prayan Animation Studio foster creativity and innovation among its team members?
"At Prayan Animation Studio, our employees are our greatest asset, fuelling our success. Creativity and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We're big on continuous learning, running weekly training sessions on the latest software and animation techniques. Our creative hub, First Light, is where ideas ignite and innovation thrives. Together, we've crafted numerous IPs that we proudly showcased at events like Annecy MIPCOM and Kidscreen."

Can you share some memorable projects or collaborations that have defined the studio's success over the years?
"Over the past 12 years, Prayan has soared to become one of India's top 5 service studios, collaborating with renowned international brands. Each project has marked a significant milestone in our journey. Our partnership with the 'Super Sema' team was a game-changer, propelling us to new heights. Working on Seasons 2 and 3 of this YouTube Original series was a thrilling experience, further solidifying our reputation for excellence in animation."

Looking ahead, what are the aspirations and future goals for Prayan Animation Studio?
"Our team aims to breathe life into all our IPs, making them accessible across various platforms and TV channels for kids to delight in. We're passionate about giving back, so we plan to launch our own schools to nurture budding talent and uphold our animation legacy. Plus, we're committed to deepening our relationships with existing and future clients by producing even more captivating animation for them."

What message would you like to convey to clients, partners, and supporters of Prayan Animation Studio as it celebrates its 12th anniversary?
"A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has stood by us over the past 12 years. Your support has been our driving force and made our achievements possible. Serving you has been an honor, and we're forever grateful. As we look to the future, we hope for your continued support – from our clients, employees, and well-wishers alike."