22 NOV 2023

The Prayan Animation Studio brings new unique works from India to the rest of the world

With a creative spirit, the animation company has made a wide range of IPs, including shows for kids ages 3 to 11. The CEO, Vinayan V, looks into these kids' shows.


Vinayan V


The creators, artists, designers, strategists, and directors who work at Prayan Animation Studio are very creative. Their trademark is coming up with unique ideas while always committing to the highest quality in every way. The company has been around for 12 years and has worked with well-known foreign clients such as LionForge and Discovery Education. Notably, they've completed projects such as "Super Sema," spanning seasons 2 and 3. This YouTube Original series received a recent nomination for the Content Innovation Award. Additionally, they've contributed to the renowned show "Super Sema," produced by the female-led studio Kukua and executive produced by Oscar-winning actor LupitaNyong’o. This show premiered as a YouTube original series in 2021, available on platforms like Sky in the UK and Akili in Kenya. "As CEO of Prayan Animation Studio, I've learned that passion for our work and instilling the right values, vision, and a culture of innovation are key to success," said Vinayan V.

"We began with a small group of people, but now we have grown into a big team who can handle multiple series together. Our unwavering goal is to produce top-quality work by the due date," the company's managing director, Remesh Ram, said in an interview with Señal News.

The Indian company showed off their original IPs at MIPCOM not long ago. "Monty and Camy," a 2D animated show for toddlers which employs a Socioemotional Learning model to the young audience.

Prayan Animation Studio is also expanding its 3D animation idea with "Norman and Fudgy," a show for kids ages 6 to 9, about a boy and his BFF robot who run a toy repair shop and “The Jelly Bean Show”, a pre-school show with a tint of education in it. Through this fun-filled adventurous show we are unraveling a world of curiosity, fun and education to our young audience.

With the need for representation for children with special abilities, Prayan has come with a unique show representing an autistic girl as their protagonist."Zena's Zoo," showcases a little autistic girl who struggles to form friendships with humans’ finds acceptance and understanding among the zoo's animal inhabitants.

The team is also working on an action filled comedy pre-school story about a Super Hero for toys.

Prayan is actively seeking co-production partners and investors to join forces with them, combining resources and expertise, to bring their original ideas to life more effectively. Additionally, the team is open and available to take on service work for new series projects.