7 NOV 2023

Spain, The Kitchen's strategic hub that links Europe and the Middle East

The language translation, dubbing, subtitling, and media services company opened a new hub in Madrid, which allows its clients from Europe and the Middle East to work with a 24-hour studio facility. Deeny Kaplan, Executive Vice President, and Max Wynen, VP of Global Operations, explain the advantages of this new development.

7 NOV 2023

Deeny Kaplan, Executive Vice President at The Kitchen

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Emmy Award Winning language translation, dubbing, subtitling, and media services studio The Kitchen opened a new hub in Madrid, The Kitchen Spain, allowing its European and Middle Eastern clients to work with a 24-hour facility to develop their projects. The company has chosen the city of Madrid as a strategic point to connect with the rest of the world. "It is very easy to travel within a couple of hours to almost anywhere in Europe or the Middle East," affirmed Deeny Kaplan, Executive Vice President of The Kitchen. "We want to be there for our clients 24 hours, so we will catalyze all the traffic that we have through Europe and on all our clients in Asia," added Max Wynen, VP Global Operations of the company.

The Kitchen has built a vast studio for its new Spanish hub. Currently, it has three mixing suites capable of doing stereo 5.1 and a Dolby Atmos home for 7.1 mix. "We'll have two dubbing suites to start with, but because of the studio's size, there's room for ten more. It's that big," Kaplan stood out. "We also expect to do a lot more interaction with our clients and our studios throughout Europe in the Middle East, so we'll have much room for visitors to work if they need to. Security-wise, The Kitchen Spain is badged with TPN gold, which is a higher level than just TPN," she added.

The Kitchen has been providing Castilian language services for seven years. "We work for many different clients, and for us, it's one of our core languages. We are very busy in the Castilian, so when I say we have the dub suites there, it's basically for our Castilian language teams," Kaplan stated. "The Castilian market dubs everything because they have a law where they are almost obliged to dub everything into Castilian Spanish. So, it's not just dubbing for platforms or international clients. Everything is a possibility for us. Our main goal is not just to work with our usual clients but also with many of the local companies that need to dub here," Wynen highlighted. "The first thing we're trying to achieve is quality and consistency in all our products. We work every day to deliver every project on time and always have good news," he continued.

The Kitchen launched its new European hub last October 13th, led by Max Wynen and Alexis Cardenas, VP of International Sales. The Kitchen also added a new member to its sales team: the ex-Paramount executive Estefania Liberatore. "She'll be handling a lot of the Scandinavian countries, as well as Argentina, and we're also looking to have a couple more foreign salespeople," Kaplan anticipated.

"Having our new hub ready for Mipcom is very important to us because of what's going on in the industry," said Kaplan. The Executive Vice President of The Kitchen also mentioned the recent strikes in Hollywood and how that affects the company. "The good part is that the SAG-AFTRA actor rules say that dubbing is allowed by all the actors, so we can still use the talent, and that's not just in the States, but that's anywhere, that's awesome," she indicated while indicating the exponential growth of the FAST Channels, that created a new opportunity to add more services for The Kitchen's clients.

By Romina Rodríguez