27 ENE 2021


The increasing streaming trend has permanently altered the media landscape as video streaming accounting for a larger share of overall media consumption than in previous years. Kids’ content served as eight out of ten most-viewed titles available on SVOD outlets.


According to Nielsen’s recent report, live sports events, production delays, and stay-at-home- restrictions amid the pandemic have greatly affected, and even permanently shifted the media landscape. Video streaming now contributes the majority of overall media consumption compared to previous years.

Streaming platforms and effective advertising are to blame for the success of originals like “Ozark,” “The Boys” and “The Mandalorian.” Consumers binged nearly 30.5 billion minutes of Ozark across a total of 28 episodes in 2020. Viewers also watched more than 57 billion minutes of “The Office,” covering 192 episodes. The show was removed from Netflix in December 2020.

Original content attracted new subscribers to both recently launched and long-time established streamers. The titles, released by a large quantity, have been known to establish connections with audiences, providing easy viewing for binge desires.

Kids’ content served as eight out of ten most-viewed titles available on SVOD outlets. The repetition of shows on behalf of children likely contributed to the figures, driving content like “Frozen II,” “Moana,” “Secret Life of Pets 2” and “Onward” to success. The titles made it into this year’s top 10 list, each attracting viewership of between 8.3 billion and nearly 15 billion minutes each.

Streaming platforms were referred to by the researcher as a “lifeline” for movies that could no longer be released through traditional means, making films more easily accessible to a larger audience. Streaming services are enabling new options for the film industry after disrupting the TV/linear industry.