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Content 27 JAN 2023

Moonbug Entertainment announces a new "CoComelon" spin off

27 JAN 2023
Beloved character Nina will get her own show in 2023. This new series follows the successful roll out of "Cody Time" and "JJ’s Animal Time".

Content 26 OCT 2022

Moonbug's "CoComelon" to be broadcasted on French kids channel Gulli

26 OCT 2022
CoComelon’s mission is to inspire positivity and nurture a growth mindset for kids across the globe and will be aired in early November on the free-to-air television channel.

Research 11 FEB 2022

Was “Squid Game” the most outstanding content of 2021?

11 FEB 2022
In looking at the bevy of content available to viewers in 2021, “Squid Game” is a clear standout, with nearly 16.5 billion minutes streamed and a massive appeal outside of Korea, Nielsen noted in its latest report.

Content 20 MAY 2020


20 MAY 2020
It's the first time the educational children's videos, which receive billions of views on Youtube, become available on another platform. The Roku Channel has more than 100,000 titles and reached more than 36 million people in Q1 this year.